Do girls try to make people think other girls stuff their bra or wear a push-up bra because they are jealous?

the other day one of my “friends” was talking to my ex guy friend in gym class, and i came up in the conversation and my other friend was standing there with them and she was uncomfortable hearing them talk about me. but later that day when we were walking home from school i was talking about jealous people, and she was like that reminds me, so and so was talking about u in gym, she didnt really say anything bad, but she said you show a lot of cleavage you can tell its a pushup bra because your boobs dont just show like that. and i was like uuh actually they do, if your a smaller girl, your boobs are gonna be perkey and if the shirt is low then they will or if the bra fits you nicely. i wasnt really mad, but i was more annoyed that she was sitting there talking to a guy about my boobs and trying to belittle them and make me look bad, so i thought that since shes saying all this stuff about me to a guy who is no longer friends with me, she must be jealous, like why is she worried about my boobs? and i dont even really where lowcut shirts they just fall lower on me then they would on a smaller breasted girl, like if i wore the shirts next to another girl with the same shirt it would hang diferently on us,and even if i did wear low cut shirts, its not her buissnes. she even said to me one day, that any girl who is worried about your boobs is either jealous or an undercover lesbo, but then she goes and talks sh!t, and it annoys me so much cuz she just assumes things without actually knowing, so when she came over to my house i showed her all of my bras and they were all normal, some were padded some werent, i had 2 pushup bras, but i didnt by them because they were pushup bras, i bought them because they were pretty. and then i explained to her that my boobs do that simply because i have a nice fitting bra and she was really embarrassed after that. then one day i was joking around with another girl because there was a stack of paper going around the class and this one girl took pretty much the whole stack, and i was like, you took that whole stack of paper for what reason?, to stuff your bra! and then i was like jk so and so i know you dont do that, and there werent even many peopple paying attention, everyone was being pretty loud, wich is kindof bad because then this one girl was like you shouldnt be talking angela and she literally REACHED IN MY SHIRT and tried to look for socks, or toilet paper or something, and there was nothing in there, so basically she was just squeezing my boob the whole time, and i kindof wish more people were paying attention because she made herself look really dumb but the few people that did see it made fun of her real bad, so now i think when girls try to prove that other girls boobs are fake that its because they are jealous or something, is that the reason or are there any other reasons why they would do that, instead of minding their own buissness?

Answer #1

My cleavage shows a little from my school blouse, and it’s not the bra I wear. I’ve heard girls talk smack about them, saying I stuff my bra, or that I’ve had implants (yeah,stupid considering I’m only 15 :/) in my opinion, there jealous and pathetic they have to start sh!t over something personal, and stupid. I just ignore it, and idc if my cleavage shows, at least i have boobs unlike the girls that talk sh!t about them. Wear your bra and shirt with pride :D

Answer #2

its not jealous its stupidity….some girls and even at younger age have bigger brests than some girls, it depends on genetics look at most asians…can u blame them if they did stuff or wear padded or push up bras? i think girls who say stuff like that and spread rumours are just bored and looking for attention.

Answer #3

wow that is stupid implants at 15 lol its fasinating how kids believe anything they hear, and this is exactly why i DESPISE girls , they say that i stuff my bra, if i did my boobs wouldnt even move how they move, and why is it that when a girl with big boobs, who doesnt hsow cleavage, nobody thinks they stuff, but when its a girl with big breast who does show her cleavage, people asume she stuffs? mabey sh is proud to have nice boob, and as long as u dont see nipple i dont think it should be a problem

Answer #4

but even if u did tuff ur bra, who the F* cares its ur business NOT thiers.

Answer #5

last comment was for Angelinamarie not swebb xD sorry

Answer #6

I couldn’t agree more! It’s like just coz your flat chested, doesn’t mean you have to talk crap about my boobs lol. Its just so pathetic. Be proud of your cleavage :D

Answer #7

@rising sun i know, there are some girls i know for a fact that stuff there bra, because ive seen toilet paper hanging out, but i dont say anything to them or to anybody else because it none of my buissness and i dont want to be like the mean girls who do, especialy sinc i dont like when they do it to me

Answer #8

Lol them girls are pretty pathetic! Its funny how people will go a long way for desperation. Some girls in my school, wear the fake jello ones, some even in yr 7! Its ridiculous. You should be proud of what you have. Ive heard stories where the girl stuffed her shirt to get a bf. She did, of course, some boys like a big chested girl, and after he found out they were fake, he dumped her. LOL. Its just so sad how low some people will go.

Answer #9

Lol, the only time I wear the jello ones is when I wear a strapless dress without a bra. That’s so sad year 7’s are stuffing their bras :|

Answer #10

I’m not reading that whole thing. To answer your question very simply, it’s the way girls bully each other. They’re not physically violent, but the way they attack other girls is by spreading rumors, making them look bad, or trying to alienate them from their friends.

Answer #11

Lol, some of these girls wear them to school, shows how insecure they are. Year 7s at my schooll are ridiculos lol.

Answer #12

@cookielove I did not even wear a bra till late yr 7 =.= but i know i kinda should have xD

Answer #13

@cookielove I did not even wear a bra till late yr 7 =.= but i know i kinda should have xD

Answer #14

Lol thats okay, theres many girls that dont need them, but I meant like the ones who wear these crop tops and stuff them with tissue or wear jello ones ,lol :)

Answer #15

Lol, I love going back to school and seeing all the year 7’s. Its so funny to freak them out, and then theres always that bunch of skanky ones that act top sh!t, then someone walks closely to them and their like aaaaah hahah. Last year, i girl in my year stitched her shirt really badly, it looked like she went from an a cup to a c cup, and then some of her toilet paper fell out bahahah. I couldn’t stop laughing :3

Answer #16

Stuffed her bra really badly *

Answer #17

I will tell u something im a 14 B, sometimes my husband says they are not big enough, (he is asian) and i say well, im sure im one up frm ur Ex GF so dont complain xD

Answer #18

btw ists Rising hallows xD not rising sun xD

Answer #19

Because they’re insanely immature.

Answer #20

Bahaha, good call :)

Answer #21

lol srry i dont know why i said sun, my mind somewhere else when i was typing that, lol

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