Real Madrid Money?

does anyone but me think real madrid is ruining soccer today? there spending is absolutley ridiculous, there trying 2 start a new “galacticos” era but if there buying everyone elses players there gonna have nobdy 2 play thats a challenge, (except man united of course)

the spent 185 million pounds Sterling on 4 players, that is just stupid I think, leave me your opinion please. :D

Answer #1

185 mill £ is absolutly ridiculus, Man Utd CAN’T get michael owen,hes an absoulte tw@t. but seriously that money is ridiculus, they are beginning to ruin football.

Answer #2

Message from a geordie…

Thanks for taking Owen Man-Ure :D

Answer #3

I see you but at the same time the players have all played in teams that have been beaten, Ronaldo is known for not performing as well in the bigger games, Kaka is a game changing player but he played for AC Milan who did have an extremely colourful attacking team last season yet he didn’t really shine as he would have been predicted and as for Benzema he is overated for now, but I think he will develop into the player everybody thinks he is now.

Yeah they are going to be one hell of a team next season no doubt about it and they are buying to compete with the brilliance of Barcelona at the moment, but all these players have been invovled in games where they have been beaten by much lesser teams, so they can be beaten.

Personally I am looking forward to the Barcalona-Real Madrid game next season think of the quality that will be on show…Messi, Iniesta, Kaka, Ronaldo, Henry, Benzema, Xavi…even the Real legend Raul, a lot of the top 15 players in the world will be on show here and personally a can’t wait to watch it :D

Answer #4

Manchester United! the biggest club in the world…downfall? unlikely.!!!

Answer #5

lol man utd biggest club ? more like feeder club for real, …”karim benzema snubs man utd for real” man utd sign owen, biggest club … really ? Mate times they are changing

Answer #6

Let madrid spend all the money they want it wont bring instant succes they have too many big names they wont work well together , man united are really in trouble .. michael owen ? ? ? I mean come on thats a joke he is way past his best and they wont be the same without ronaldo , im an everton fan and although I hate to admit I think liverpool will win the league next year , they now have the strongest team !

Answer #7

thats actually a good idea, and btw chelsea sux azz. :D

well if united get michael owen I will cry…really… lol

Answer #8

chelsea own everyone but I have to agree hat real madrid are ruining the football world. I mean kaka AND Ronaldo. What a waste!! a maximum of £100m should be used by each club per season.

Answer #9

It is not likely to be as successful., real madrird lack seriously in defence, their CM is not the best, their defense part of the game is lacking, attackingly ronaldo has to much ego to be unselfish, he wont be No. 1 at madrid like at united, it will be hard, but lets see what happens, real madrid are completely beatable and easy, As for unted their final downfall begins now, Rise up Arsenal and Chelsea

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