Who is the best

Chelsea (london)
Arsenal (london)
Manchester utd (manchester)
Liverpool (merseyside)
Barcelona (barcelona)
Real madrid (madrid)
I want to see what answers come back :)

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Ac Milan

but on that list Man U

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Liverpool all da wayz :)

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Where is Newcastle United? We're the greatest team in the land with the likes of Shola Ameobi and Nicky Butt :D

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Let's have a look . . . . Man you have won pretty much everything this season and are in the Champions League final, but so are Barcelona.

But Man you are English . . . .

Man you are the best obviously . . . . .

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Man United clearly
Chelsea-Too old
Arsenal-Too young
Barca-(Shocking against better teams without the refs help)
Real Madrid-Who?Lol
Liverpool-hahahahahahahaha ha

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