Help for girl teen bedroom redecorading

Hey , I need some help I want to redecorate my room because im getting tired looking at the same stuff over and over , Im a teem so I would like something really cool and a great place to hang out with my friends !! Im not a huge fan of pink , so in my new room I dont really want to have pink everything !!

                              Please help !!
Answer #1

I just redid my room and am looving it. I’ll describe it for you…

I have two main colors in my room. A sand color [more of a tannish] and a light teal. It’s really very peaceful. reminds me of the ocean… but anyway then I got this teal comforter with like brown stitching all over it and it looks super cute. throw pillows on a bed looks adorable. you can add a lot of stuff to your room depending on how big it is. loveseats are ultra cute in rooms and desks are reaallyy handy for like homework and stuff. also if you find posters/paintings you love you can hang them up to. I wouldn’t choose anything ReD in your room. it’s a very stressful color. okay, now don’t go thinking I’m crazy, but these are proven facts, got it?

light blue: gives you a calm feeling yellow: gives you a creative feeling red: gives you a stressful feeling hot pink: gives you a stressful feeling light pink: gives you an energetic feeling orange: gives you a SICK FEELING!

okay the orange one was fake. I just don’t like that color. :] LOL!

just do what is YOU♥ -maddie

Answer #2

im 13 and im redecorating my bedroom so I wud recommend bright blue. my room is bright blue, hot pink, and white. I lovee it! soo mayb juss bright blue and white 4 you which wud still look rele cool. and mayb a colorful lamp or a couple cool chairs to hang out in when your friends cum ovr. I wud also recommend a bulletin board because I have 1 and I love it and you prob wud too :)

Answer #3

I did lime green and it gets old fast, and I did lemon yellow, never again. I love bright colors but I’m getting older so I want something that feminie, comfortable, hot and easy to change. I’m redoing my room too. and I want to do a deep red. and teal and orange. I don’t know. the more windows and the bigger the window the darker you can paint your walls. because the color will be brighter then what you think. do something that if you get tired you can redo your room without repainting and still love it. and get a crazy piece of furniture, like a purple chair or something.

Answer #4

I am also redoing my room. And my bedspread is like pink and orange and it kind of has a Hawaiian look to it. But I don’t know what color I should paint my walls. Right now they are light pink but it just dosen’t really match. The bedspread has hot pink. I was going to do one wall hot pink and then one orange and then one hot pink and then one orange butI want it to be a fun room to relax in but it might make me sick having to stare at hot pink and orange all the time. I need some cute decorating ideas.

Answer #5

im a 15 year old and I had painted each of my walls a different color when I was about 13. one hot pink, one teal, one purple, and one blue. I loved it at first but after having it for a couple months I got very sick of it. I painted it a light yellow color and have had it for a couple years and love it. I can change eveerything in the room and still love it.

hope this helps

Answer #6

Well, maybe you can try to paint your wall sky blue? Make your room very relaxing and invite your friends over. You could light up candles at night and have a romantic and relaxing night with your friends.

You may also want to place a sofa in your room. So that you could enjoy the evening watching your favourite tv shows or dvd on that lovely and comfortable sofa.

And maybe, you could put some lights on the upper wall of your room. This allows you to enjoy looking at the “blinking stars” while you’re thinking of the hot guy you met in the party.

Isn’t great for you to be able to redecorate your room? I would definitely love it if I could be like you. You may want to consider my idea and I hope you’ll love it. =]

Answer #7

well right now im looking for ideas for my room also…im a teenager (14) and I wanted somehting nice and fun colored for me 2 hang out in (I didnt want pink either) I got a futon (a couch that folds down to a bed) with lime green bedding,and dont make your walls to colorful (it makes it so boring sooo quick) but add colorful lamps or colorful garbage cans (ross + dollar store have them for very low prices) and I have a bedside table thats a cute purple I LOVE AND ADORE yourself a cute alarm clock too …and I have 2 cute carpets one is lime green and the other is purple they are fuzzy rugs!! my room is great for homework,friends,tv,hangin out,etc. its perfect!!


Answer #8

how bout the wall…sky blue or lightish green with a hint of blue in it then you could buy those polka dots sticker 4 walls which is at target and is only 20 bucks ^__^ and u could hve posters on the wall anything you like such as puppy’s >o< then mabe hve sum cute colorful lights and other things you would like in your room

Answer #9

lime green ? thats a really awesome color and would be really cool. you can get cheap stuff even at dollar store to make it look even better . have some candles, full body mirror .. that that girly stuff :)

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