What if we put back the old Funadvice, but made it members only, then everyone who hates the new funadvice could go over there and play?

Answer #1

All of the users should adapt to the changes. They do it with Faceplace (and they update almost every other month), they can do it here. Besides, this is what everyone voted on. Anyone who decided they weren’t going to participate in forming ideas for the site is just silly for complaining.

Answer #2

Would this be a secondary site or like an option to use the old interface?

Answer #3

Some people just don’t understand the reasoning for the change. I don’t know how long you guys have been asking for suggestions..

Answer #4

It’s stupid, if people don’t like it they should simply leave. It’s not that hard, instead of staying and complaining go? Or take the time to actually adjust. It’s their choice. You shouldn’t have to make some sort of old fa, just to satisfy certain users. We used a voting system, if they didn’t vote then hey they should’ve contributed more then.

Answer #5

I like Heavens idea, it seems more feasible if you ask me.

Answer #6

I’d go back just to fix my typo’s…LOL

Answer #7

Well its kind of a good idea, because its no secret that this new setup is confusing as heck, but wouldn’t having an old and the new version intertwined just create more problems? I think so. Perhaps its just best to leave it as it is now, fix the issues and make it more user friendly and get rid of the mix of statuses and questions, its a lot to look at and unpleasent with the advertising right smack in the middle of it. Perhaps make different pages color-coded on the outer bars. I think this will catch on though, I do personally notice a lot more users than I did before…

Answer #8

Bury the old Funadvice. Improve the new Funadvice. All the impatient people will just have to deal with it.

Answer #9

unpleasent with the advertising right smack in the middle of it.

That’s something we’re doing sooner - rather than later. Thing is, about 50% of the new ads simply don’t work…so, rather than continue to annoy people, we are going to pull them in the next couple of days…

Answer #10

we must accept these changes,after all every one has voted to have changes.whats wrong with all complainers.this new face of funadvise is amazing.in the begining ,i was confused.but after few hours,lol,i loved it…… please accept it

Answer #11

Haha, this is funny. I put in this question as something farcical, but a lot of people took it seriously.

We will never go back to the old FunAdvice. That one is done, and in the garbage heap of history.

Answer #12

i agree, old funadvice was much more user friendly, people should have a choice

Answer #13

i agree, the old fundavice should also be an option , it was more user friendly … people should have a choice.

Answer #14

I hate this new set up, and the more I try to like it the more I find that I hate about it. If it weren’t for a couple people I would delete my account. What is the reasoning? The old setup was nice, but this is just ridiculous now. We have no control or privacy over anything on this set up, it really sucks bad

Answer #15

Wow, no, you have a private profile, now, if you select it - which we have never had before. And it’s private in the sense of being truly, private…eg, nobody can see ANY of your info.

Answer #16

I kinda like the idea of having the option to do the old one too. I just prefer the old one. I had more fun on the previous funadvice but that’s just my opinion

Answer #17

lol!!!!! U pulled an April’s fool joke in May. :)

Answer #18

there are a lot of improvements in the new one (there are glitches, but which site doesnt?). users just need to adapt.

Answer #19

I apologize to those who love the new Funadvice, but in my opinion it is just God Awful, there was nothing wrong with the old Funadvice (just to be clear never once did I see anything asking about changes) there is an old saying if its not broken, don’t fix it. I am trying Funadvice again after the changes but I doubt that I will stay. I do not like the changes and preferred the old one.

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