Why cant funadvice kinda change back?

problems with the new funadvice:

*when I go to ask a question its already been asked so I cant ask it. But the other people who asked it before me had a diff situation than I do so I cant just look at the same answers

*there are bizarre random glitches like I went to view someones answer, and it kept taking me to the homepage. Therefor, this person has no answers yet because nobody can get to the question. There was also a question that just didnt have a spot to type in an answer.

*I cant find the fau button…

*Not every question begins with who what when where why or how! Ex: “Are there any people here who like starfish?” “Is there such a thing as a liger?”

*Answers that I spent forever typing getting removed because it was similar to another answer. The person might need more points of view of the same answer, and if I ask a question like “is my period normal?” ill get a “yes.” One person saying normal is not reassuring. Or better yet, ill get a “yes” and a “no”. If more people answered yes id be less worried.

I dont expect everything to go back to the way it was, I just want the Who what when thing expanded to atleast accept more words as the first word, have the “your question has already been asked” thing removed, maybe keep the “did you see these answers to similar questions?” thing so THEN people can CHOOSE to still post a question or not. Fix the glitches, and dont remove answers unless they seriously offend.

Im not the first one to ask this. So…why hasnt there been a noticable change? Does funadvice not care? Why are we not being listened to? Would it be possible to make those changes back?

Answer #1

esconsult1, I have to agree with the people that responded after you. If anything, I’ve been getting lower quality answers since the changes have been made. Go ahead look through my questions, the majority of answers are useless and/or plain suck. Very discouraging, thats why I hardly do anything on here now.

Answer #2


About your two examples…

On the starfish example, ‘Who likes…’ is the better question.

On the liger example, ‘What is a liger?’ assumes ligers exist whereas ‘Is there such…’ is asking if ligers do exist.

Answer #3

esconsult1 the change to the liger question in your response and my example are two different questions though.It changes the meaning.

Answer #4

Thanks for asking!

We’re constantly changing the site. In a few months even more drastic changes are coming.

The thing about asking questions… believe me, those limits are heavily discussed among us internally as well. Even after months of implementation, we’re still talking about it.

Why do it though? People get higher quality questions to answer.

We though it through long and hard:

  • Are there any people here who like starfish? – could be simply —
  • “Who likes starfish on Funadvice?”


  • Is there such a thing as a Liger? – instead —
  • What is a liger?

Which one is the better liger question? We could endlessly discuss the semantics of this, after all its English :-)

We really appreciate you asking these questions though. Change is tough, and we want to keep the questions unique and interesting, and answers high quality and on point. So our editorial team works very hard to prevent duplicate questions, and unhelpful answers.

Don’t give up! We’re slowly getting better.

Answer #5

I just want to say that what the site you had before was great. It was easy to use, easy to navigate, simple, your questions were easy to find, etc.

Now, I can’t find anything! I can’t find my questions, the advice that I’ve given. You guys completely changed the look and layout of my profile. You deleted all of my funmail messages. I have no idea what these points things are. I have no idea what flagging, my followers, or I’m following is. Why would you want to reply to a reply? I can’t find my way around at all! I can’t even find my profile settings! And there isn’t even a page that explains all of this! I hate the new website and in protest I’m closing my account. (as soon as I figure out how to do that)

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