Can you put aero bars on a mountain bike ?

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It is certainly possible. What are you trying to accomplish?

Mountain bike handlebars are a little smaller diameter than road bars. If you mount clip on aero bars be sure what you end up with is safe. You don't want your handlebars to give way when you are flying down a hill. Also, the clamp diameter of mountain bars is typically 25.4mm while the clamp diameter of most road bike are 26mm where they clamp. If you want to replace the entire handlebar instead of installing clipons you may need to invest in a road stem as well.

Do you already have bar ends? If you are just looking for more riding positions these are a good start.

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im looking to make the ride in and out of college easier, and i was thinking that aero bars would help with the streamlining as the way that i go is pretty windy XD as for the bar ends they wouldn't really help ive had them before and never liked them :P


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