Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?

Well, can ya? Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?

Answer #1

I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No Handlebars.

look at me look at me, hands in the air like its good to be :) haaha I like that song. lol

lmao. But no I cannot ride my bike with no handlebars =/

Answer #2


…I hate that song. haha

Answer #3

omg you guys must b really good lol… I am so clumsy I cant do that but I can do jumps and 360’s!! weird right???

Answer #4

:] yes. me and my bestie since grade 1 went all bike-obsessive during elementary days and prided ourselves that we could ride a bike with no handlebars.

[btw No Handlebars is a really good song. All of you should youtube it or something]

Answer #5

I tried that and fell on my face lol just kidding no but I was riding down a mountain and they dared me so I tried and I fell ofcourse it was like BAM thats going to leave a mark but it was funny

Answer #6


Answer #7

I can =]

Answer #8

omg I can sorta I can do when I really concentrate and there is nothing to be worried about like nothing to crash into and I cant have my eyes open soo I cnaride my bike with no handle bars and no eyes lol but I LOVE that song its amazing lol

Answer #9

my eight year old sister can ! haha.. icant tho -_- another thing icant do…haha

Answer #10

Every time I have tried I have fallen and I really wont try again lol. So I would say no.

Answer #11

nope but my brother can , I have tried soo many times but it is very hard

Answer #12

yea I just learned how!!!

Answer #13

No! A bicycle!. Like you take your hands off the handlebars while still pedaling.

Answer #14

A unicycle

Answer #15

well if you can ride a bike with handle bars wiyh no hands yeah definantly lol(:alisha ps.can you answere my question(friends or not?) thanks (:

Answer #16

thats funny, theres a song called, I can ride my bike with no handle bars, 2 seconds before I read this.

Answer #17


Answer #18

pssht I can’t even ride a bike with handle bars.

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