How do you publish a book?

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I di it before. write it,edit it,type it, lamalte it.

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The simplest method would be to find a literary agent who deals with the genre of book that you have written. It's important to try and be as specific as possible, as an agent who deals in, say, cookbooks wouldn't know much about publishing your biography of Lincoln. Then contact the agent with what's called a query letter. The query letter has a quick summary of your book, a little about you, and a bit about how see the book being marketed. You will probably have to send out dozens of query letters before you get a response and many dozens more before you find an agent who is willing to take a look at your book.

Once you find an agent who thinks they can sell your book, they shop it around to different publishing houses to see about getting it printed. Why not go directly to the houses yourself? Most publishing houses will not even speak to an unrepresented author, let alone read their book. It would simply take too much time and too many resources to deal with so many first-time authors.

Or, of course, you can publish it yourself and try to sell the books directly to bookstores.

Ahhh what to do with this motivation.

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First is that you have to customize a plan that will work best with your book. List all the things your book needs such as book cover customization, editing, marketing, etc.

Second, find a publishing company that has everything your book requires. I know XLIBRIS has programs that are quite affordable and fits just what your book requires.

Third, go through production process and then see if the book meets your standards.

I hope this helps.

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