how to keep my maxima from getting stolen?

i just bought a 97 maxima yesterday and i heard they’re easy cars to steal & that a lot of people want one so my chances of it gettin stolen is greater. Right now there’s a factory alarm already on that i was just wonderin if thats enough and if i lock the doors to not get robbed. i plan on getting an expensive alarm system on it within the next 2 months but i need to save the $$ and it’s like 300-400

Answer #1

How about a gear lock? And then later you can get an immobilizer. I know that we have a really high percentage of car thefts and a gear lock makes it a LOT more difficult to steal a car. As far as I know they aren’t too expensive. At least for now cheaper than an alarm system.

Answer #2

how much is a gear lock usually?

Answer #3

i think the fast and the furious loving stage is well out of ppls heads… if you love your car then get a good insurance known alarm fitted.. having a gd thatcham cat 2 alarm/immobiliser fitted will lower your insurance ;) but you might want to ask them first. as this is out of the question for the time being then do what crazy123 said :) krooklok are a well known and respected maker of car security.

Answer #4

20/30 quid for a good 1. $40 ish :S

Answer #5

thanks =)

Answer #6

Remove the battery and any other part that can be easily taken out. Chances are, thieves aren’t going to bother running around trying to find replacement parts just so they can steal your car..they’ll move on to someone else.

Answer #7

these cars are capable of serious bhp… i mean the 1 i mentions b4 from the fast and the furious was hitting around 265bhp but the chassis is capable of well over a thousand bhp if its turbe charged.. the only nissan ive owned was a primera gte with teh redtop engine

Answer #8

damnn i know they go mad fast lol i was lookin at racin videos on youtube

Answer #9

you lil speeder lol i do the same when im looking for reviews on cars on planning on buying :D

Answer #10

hahaha yeahhhhhh !!

Answer #11

youve just gave me an idea for a how to :p

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