Do you prefer to live your life or a life such as celebrities live?

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My life, cuz it don't have that drama and people watchin me all the time

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My life with money like the celebs

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I prefer my life, I'd hate to be a celebrity with no privacy, overly critical people watching my every move constantly, high expectations from thousands, or in some cases too low of expectations, and not to mention the fact that I hate being in other people's pictures and videos.

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I prefer to live my life. This is because I enjoy doing as I please, not being told what to do because it will get more publicity. The life of a celebrity, in my opinion is very fake. Plus if I was that great at something to become a celebrity I would want to be famous because of how I preformed not because of how I behaved in public. I would want to be famous due to a real talent, not a staged one.

If your not living yout life the way you want then your not living!

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My life, I value my privacy and the life I have. I have a wonderful family and a loving boyfriend, I wouldn't want everything exploited on the tabloids. I also don't need to be judged by papparazis and people who read and watch celebrity news. Fame turn many people into monsters.

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no i prefer to live my own life where no people are following every single thing i am doin ..... where is my privacy???

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I agree with you, it is very fake. Plus, most celebrities are celebrated mostly for their appearance and money and no one really cares if they have talent.

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Celebrity, cause I'd have tons of money, and my life's pretty horrible the way it is at the moment.

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