What do bring/do at a celebration of life?

Okay Ill start with this, I work for a taxi company as a dispatcher and one of our drivers who has worked here for a long time passed away Xmas eve, and his family is not holding a funeral until spring as he has a lot of family that can not come until then. His son who is taking care of things called me today and said they will be holding a "Celebration of life" and everyone is invited to come. I am wondering what exactly is a celebration of life, whats the environment life, should I bring anything? I am not sure what to do , I will go for sure but I dont know what else... has anyone been to one of these or have any advice. Thanks

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everyones idea of it is different .. my friends gramma passed away last november and for hers it was just a mellow get together .. not formal and it was like a late lunce then coffee .. just where the close family and friends get together at talk about all the memories and stories .,., there may also be some collages around and or pictures .. I wouldnt stress to much .. hope this helps a bit

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Thanks :)

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