Do you prefer your coffee and or tea, hot or cold?

Answer #1

Iced tea

Answer #2

Im addicted to frozen coffees and cold frappucinos. Im not a fan of tea either way.

Answer #3

I prefer it warm not too hot not freezing cold either if its hot…then i can’t taste it,it just burns the roof of my mouth if its cold…it seems to taste different :S

Answer #4

I like hot tea and iced coffee.

Answer #5

loads of milk in both to cool them down and to mask teh taste of coffee, i drink it but cant stand the stuff strong.

Answer #6

I love my coffee hot, unless it were things like cappucinos, then I love frozen/ cold cappucinos. I love tea both ways :D if it’s cold though, I like it with honey, if it’s hot, depending on the kind of tea I like milk and sugar with it too :D

Answer #7


Answer #8

I like coffee both ways but generally prefer it hot’ iced coffee can be very nice in the summer though. Tea I can take either way. I like hot tea with Chinese or Thai foods and cold tea for American foods.

Answer #9

I like Lipton Green Tea, that’s the only tea I drink no other kind of tea.

Answer #10

I don’t like either, but I drink at least 1-2 organic green teas a day for its cancer fighting properties.

Answer #11

DItto :b

Answer #12

I’d hafta say my fav coffee would be hot with Irish Cream int. delight and a touch of cinnamon…:) My Tea? that would be cold with tequila & lemon….;)

Answer #13

Hot coffee in the winter and cold coffee in the summer!

Answer #14

Mmmmmmmm both those snds yuuuuummy

Answer #15

I prefer hot coffee with lots of sugar!

Answer #16

Hot cupachino coffee - the best one

Answer #17

Coffee all the way, Colombian coffee to be exact since it’s quality is known all around the world, and my aunts send us some when they come from Colombia. Every morning before I go to school I would drink a homemade cold cappuccino and often I would drink the actual hot espresso. As for tea, I would just drink a hot Chinese herbal tea when I am sick.

Answer #18

sweet tea cold… coffee i really dont drink but if i do i like lots of creamer nd it hot

Answer #19

Hot latte please, get cracking.

Aha :P

Hot tea with lots of sugar or a hot latte and creammm :3

Answer #20

I’m on it lol

Answer #21

^_^ I fail at being witty D: :3

Answer #22


Answer #23

Hot coffee on a cold winter’s day when snow’s falling down around me, cold tea on a warm summer’s evening while my family and I barbecue in the backyward :D

Answer #24

cold, cause for some reason I can’t drink hot drinks. same with hot air if I breathe hot air i’ll feel like i’m about to passout and sometimes do!

Answer #25

I don’t like coffee… Bleck! I only drink tea and when I do it has to be really hot :) And I only like a few flavors…

Answer #26

I luv it all and in any way

Answer #27

Both cold although I’ll have the hot (especially tea) on certain occasions :)

Answer #28

I don’t like coffee, but I prefer my tea cold.

Answer #29

LIme or lemon tea is always my best choice, and warm. No cafein, and it contains of relaxing herb in the tea and yes vitamin C for imune system in lime or lemon. HEALTHY!!!!

Answer #30

i like my coffee hot, dont drink tea

Answer #31

i prefer it hot lol

Answer #32

Both of them either way. Iced coffee and tea or hot coffee or tea

Answer #33

Defintely hot for both. It’s meant to act as a thermogenic and the caffeine is supposed to heat your core so you can burn fat quicker, so why drink it cold? :P

I also like my coffee black. No sugars, sweeteners, creamers, none of that crap.

Answer #34

i like my coffee hot,

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