Prank gone VERY WRONG

OMG! I’m SO worried right now! This was a HUGE prank gone BAD. Long story short, what happened was one of our friends ended up drinking used motor oil! She went to poison control… will she be ok? I don’t want her dying or anything! This was SUCH a HUGE mistake and SHOULDN’T have happened. I’m so afraid now… please help?!

Answer #1

not to be mean or hurtful but it could have killed her. ingesting chemicals is harmful and toxic. she should be in the hospital right now getting checked out and watched. I cant even understand why someone would do something like that unless they were trying to harm themselves. you kids need to start understanding that somethings you do that might seem funny are harmful. I hope she is okay and not much damage has been done to her.

Answer #2

Look people, this kld is extremely worried about her friend. It is not necessary to tell all I know or “think you know” because you have read stuff on the Internet. Come on, learn a little tactfullness. She can find out this stuff later AFTER she’s had time to calm down alittle!!

Answer #3

Okay, so she HAS been seen by a physician and they discharged her to home? You should really contact her parents now if you haven’t already. They need to know and she should really be at home with them. I know you want to be with her, but her family needs to know. Now. K!?? (:

Answer #4

Yeah… I’d say they feel pretty bad about now. I think we’ll stay friends, just be careful if they offer us food/drinks. And twilightmom - I think she went to a center for poison control.

Answer #5

It could cause internal damage. Stomach ulcers would be a common problem. Not to mention that the oil is corrosive and will cause damage to any internal structure that it touches. Your friend will be very weak for the next couple of weeks and needs to rest and eat well to bring him/ herself back up to full strength. There could also be digestive troubles with this. It may cause damage to the intestines and other such structures. Consult a doctor for more information about this…

Answer #6

Well… I found out it happened at about 9:11pm… and now it’s 12:40am I’m not sure how much she drank… and I don’t know when she went to poison control.

Answer #7

Wowie your in trouble!! Ummm how much did she drink? And how long has she been in the emergency room/poison control? I don’t think she will die… But I don’t think she’ll be to well when she gets out… I’m really sry

Answer #8

I know… I don’t beileve they’d do such a dumb thing. I thought when they said “we’ve got a joke planned” that it was going to be something silly and harmless but when I found out what happened… oh my! What the heck?! I hope she’s going to be ok, or else I’ll NEVER forgive them for this. And I have no idea what exactly the prank was supposed to be about… I wasn’t there when it happened.

Answer #9

omg dats awful,I only just seen dis you&your friend ok???-

Answer #10

The two main problems would be a massive liver failure and brain damage.

Answer #11

Yeah… I commented you back.

Answer #12

Ok thanks so much for everything. I really apperciate it.

Answer #13

what was the prank suppos to be about?

Answer #14

why isnt she at home? you know sleeping or something?

Answer #15

well theres not much you can do now.. why arent you there with her?.. if you cant.. just pray that shell be alright.

Answer #16

Yes she is worried, but in this case she has been answered as she should have been. The facts here are quite obvious in that there will be temproary internal damage. Her friend will be fine, but will need time to recover. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation and part of being cool is understanding the situation, not wondering what is happening (that tends only to be frustrating). A fear of the unknown can grow in situations like these and that is why it is often good to know the facts.

She has been well-informed that her friend will be okay and that all she needs to do is understand that her friend will need to take it easy over the next few days. She asked for the facts and she got them, it is not our time or place to decide what she needs to calm down. In some cases we just need to know what could happen in order to get our fears in check. Personally, I prefer to know the facts or else it is hard for me to stay calm (it can make me anxious). I respect what you’re saying, because you’re right; she needs to remain calm and not let this get to her. At the same time, she does need to know that her friend is doing to be okay. It’s just like anything else; something has happened and she will need some time to recover.

Back to what I said earlier, if you’re a bit worried about the side-effects I mentioned, you should also know that they are all perfectly treatable. Perhaps I should have mentioned this before, lol. Some people actually do drink this stuff (not prank-associated) and in this case seeing as it was a one-off then she will recover and any damage done will be repaired (of course it will depend on the quantity consumed).

Stomach ulcers are easily treated these days and the issues that may occur within her intestines are no different. She just needs time and a healthy diet to get better. She will be in consultation with medical professionals and they will give her the best advice and treatment available to meet her requirements. There is nothing to worry about; just be light on her until she feels 100% again :).

Answer #17

I’m pretty sure that’s the case and yes, I’ve alerted her family. Her mom about went through the roof and thanked me for helping and telling her.

Answer #18

Good idead and thank you so much… you have no idea how much I apperciate this. Just having people to talk to helps… because I have every right to be all flipped out! I mean she’s one of my best friends.

Answer #19

Now I’m worried again… that doesn’t sound good AT ALL. Ugh why did this have to happen :(

Answer #20

Their parents are going to FLIP! I wish I could be there to hear it when they yell at them. I’m doing ok, I’m less worried now that I’ve talked to nice, caring people like you who know what it’s like to go through something like this.

Answer #21

HAS SHE BEEN TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!! Is that what you mean by poison control—u never said!! If she CALLED poison control—laying around your house DOESN’T do any good!!! Has she been to the hospital—ER!??

Answer #22

Damages? What sort of damages are we talking? I’m in such shock that they’d even THINK of doing such a thing! I mean USED MOTOR OIL?! That’s not a prank, that’s a way to kill/hurt! And to think we’re all supposed to be FRIENDS O.o

Answer #23

wow… that was so wrong especially to a friend.. I’ve done pranks but not to kill or badly hurt anyone

Answer #24

What “damage” are you talking? Nothing overly seriously right? If I find out who caused that… I’m going to yell at them majorly because that’s not funny at all!! I wish I knew exactly how much she got… And she’s her at my house with me.

Answer #25

Oh when she gets better… I KNOW they’ll catch some hell lol And I’m going to call her mom right now. Her mom is probably going to find out which friend did it and go over to their parents’ house and have a talk with them about it. When their parents find out, they’ll probably be grounded for weeks!

Answer #26

I’m very much so aware that could have killed her. That’s why I was so mad about it. Luckily, today I talked to her and she said she’s feeling MUCH better. I’m so glad she’s alright. She’s even back to joking around with me and stuff. I’m so happy! Thanks a lot to everyone who helped!

Answer #27

What do you mean she “went to poison control” do you mean called poison control or she went to the ER?

Answer #28

I am with her. And I’m hoping that since she’s been to poison control it’ll be ok. I’m so scared still though because I don’t know for sure :(

Answer #29

It is poisonous, but there are some people out there who actually drink that stuff every now and then without getting themselves into too much trouble. It will do your friend some damage, but it will not be fatal (at least the odds of that are quite low). It would also depend on the quantity if used motor oil which your friend consumed. Your friend should be okay, but there is naturally some cause for concern.

Answer #30

When they called and said “hey… the prank sorta went wrong” I was thinking “oh great… they must have caused her to fall and get hurt” or soemthing. But then when poison control and motor oil came into play I was like WHAT THE HECK WENT ON?! I don’t know if I should keep being their friend or not after this little accident… And she’s doing ok thus far…

Answer #31

I know I won’t be in trouble since I had nothing to do with it… I’m not worried about getting in trouble, I’m worried about my friend! And thanks listen… I’m hoping she’ll be ok too. I’m seriously about to cry right now because I’m so scared. We’re close friends and they should have known better than to pull such a stupid, harmful prank! Pranks should be something you laugh about later, not something you’ll regret :(

Answer #32

That’s good to know that she’s ok.

Answer #33

The chances of it killing her would be very slim… She’d have to drink quite a lot or keep drinking it over time. In her case it was only going to make her sick. Tell her to eat plenty of healthy food and to just take it easy for the next few days until she feels completely better. After that she is all yours to fill up with other chemicals, lol. Glad to hear she’s okay :)!

Answer #34

sorry but I no likey those people… and I hope your friends ok seriously..

Answer #35

Thanks so much. I’m glad to know that. Thanks for everything everyone!

Answer #36

omg thats scary I don’t know just keep us updated with any news

Answer #37

Used motor oil?! WTF?! Was someone secretly trying to kill her?! Damn… me and my friends play plenty of pranks, but we never do anything that could be harmful/fatal! Geez… if she went to poison control, she should probably be ok. Good luck with this and I hope she’ll be alright!

Answer #38

where are you guys at now? is she resting?

Answer #39

Thanks so much!

Answer #40

Ok, thanks… please give all info you can!

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