Down there it hurts really really bad when I like pee

Okay this is embarrassing . But whateverr. Uhhh down theree it hurts really really bad when I like pee or something. It really itches so when I go to the br I scratch it with toilet paper butt then I need to pee. It hurts so bad I have to bite down on a towel not to scream. Idkk about discharge its weirrd. Im 13 and dont know whats going on~! I want to tell my mum but im embarrassed. Helpp~!~!

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omg I have like the same thing. it hurt REALY bad at school today and im afraid my parents will find out im not virgin or something! I didnt realy no the guys I did it with so I was scared it was an std or somethin. but I masterbate in the bath a little while ago and maybe is that has something to do with it? but I alewase feel like I have to pee and when I try nothing comes aept just a lil bit sometimes, then I went back to cless and it realy realy burned! so… I came home and took a shower and after a few mins it stoped burning a little but still feeels a little wierd. I think im just gonna drink LOTSA water and ask my parents for cranberry juice when they get home and if it doesnt stop in like a week ill tell my mom. o btw… I found a bump about 3 weeks ago like ubove the left flap on my vagina but it heeled in like 2 weeks after I stoped mastebating. somebody help me please this is sooo embarasing and hurts realy realy bad and my parents cant find out im not virgin cause im barely 13!!! please help ♥

Answer #2

Its a STI… I have one too. Nothing to be ashamed about but you need to tell your mom so she can get you to your doctor to get a prescription. They don’t do anything sexual to test you - all you need to do is pee in a cup thing :)

Answer #3

I have the same thing but at first it felt like when I peed I still needed to pee but nothing was coming out, When I was younger I remember having the same sorta problem I cant remember how old but im 13 now so I know it can be treated but I know its really painful!!! I just wanna get rid of it because I remember going to hospital when I was little but that may have been over tests or something I want it to go so baddd!!! just so I can pee “normally” again!!! Im going to try drinking loads of cups of water then cranberry juice before bed but I dont think I can take the pain of peeing!! :’( I have told my mom an she said it could be cystitus she said if it gets ANY worse to tell her so later on I will tell her and maybe she can take me down the chemist an get me some anti-biotics sorted out, I will let you know if anything happens (better/worse) Byeee xxx Oh an jhgduhq654 I had the same thing with masturbation, the lump heeled after a week and a half - 2weeks after I stopped masturbating, I just dont masturbate as much as I use to and I have found no lumps or bumps on my vagina :) xxx

Answer #4

I have had this about 4 times and I am 14. It’s nothing to worry about because mine just passes after a couple of days. But if it is worrying you, you should go to the doctors! It is not embarrasing at all everyone gets it once in their lives! tell your mum she probably has had it herself just like my mum did when I told her! I know it really hurts when you pee but you just have to live with it! :) I hope it gets better! :) xxx

Answer #5

Tell your momma sweetie, it is most likely a yeast infection, which is easily cured now with one amazing pill from the doc. If left untreated it can cause serious problems for yourself in the future. I have been one of the unlikely ones to have this problem often since I was a little girl. I get them at least once a year. Every woman has had one. Not embarrassing.

Answer #6

tell your mom. it’s probably a urinary tract infection and/or a really bad yeast infection. you should see a doctor the first time…you’ll just have to pee in a cup. you could end up with a bigger and more painful infection if you don’t tell her and get to a doctor. do not try to treat this at home. you need to know what it is first!!! every girl/woman gets this at one time or another. nothing to be ashamed of and your mom will certainly understand. yes, it’s embarassing, but it has to be treated.

Answer #7

I have the same thing, I’ve had it for two days now. I dont want to tell my mum or doctor because I’m sure I can cure it on my own first. And you can. Its more likely to be bladder infection. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, cranberry juice and vitamin C are a must! Pee all the time, even though you dont want to! Wear cean underwear ALL the time! Now, you may already do all that, but do it more often and hopefully in 2 weeks it should be gone. If all else fails, go to the doctor or do what I might do, say you’ve been learning about the human body at school and you think you might have bladder infection and not to worry, you’re alreay on the case! Hopefully that should work x

Answer #8

I think I have it too. It just started about 2 days ago. And it hurts really REALLY bad. I almost scream when I need to go pee because of how much it stings. It sucks! I would go to the doctor, but Im scared to go. Im afraid of what the doctor might say it is. And another thing, it kinda has a fishy smell. Oh God. I am so afraid! Im also afraid that if I would go to the doctor, and I would take my mother with me, the doctor would tell my mother that I am no longer a virgin. What should I do!?!

Answer #9

Exactly what jsparrowlvr said, EXACTLY that. I had 2 already. But you need to be treated ASAP, because if not you might end up with dialisis for the rest of your life. And please don’t try any “home meds” and stuff!! It might make it worse. Tell you mom, she’ll understand completely cause it can happen to ANYONE even if you r or aren’t a virgin. And don’t bescared of the doc cause he woun’t even have to check you up after you explain to him your symptoms, he’ll just give you some meds. But this has to be ASAP.

Answer #10

sounds like you have thrush…and or cystitus…

thrush you get a discharge, can be quite thick and smells odd…not that bad, just odd…and it itches SOOO much you feel like to want to shred it to pieces down there with the scratching..

and cystitus is when it stings like a b@%*c when you wee, but you want to go ALL the time…but you don’t wee a lot

both of these are harmless to you, and they are VERY common…you don’t have to have been ‘intimate’ with anyone to have got them…I used to get them every month when I was younger (around the time of my period, as if it wasn’t bad enough on it s own lol!!)

but the cystitus you can get rid of by drinking loads of water during the day, and one glass of cranberry juice before bed (cranberry juice somehow lines the bladder during sleep) - there’s a mth you should drink it all the time, but that’s actually wrong, too much cranberry juice can increase the acidity levels in your bladder and it can make it worse.. but you can also get an over the counter medication to ease it, but that contains cranberry juice too. if you drink loads of water, you’ll be flushing your bladder out and before you go to bed, have a pee, and drink 250ml of cranberry juice and try not to go again until the morning…it will take about 2 days to go…or you can bypass that and go to docs who will put you on anti-biotics…

as for the thrush (urgch how annoying is that!!) try not to scratch too much, it will really irritate the skin and will also make you sting when you pea (urine is acidic and will irritate the scratched open skin down there) also don’t use perfumed soap down there… but you can get something caled canesten, it’s a little supposatory you ‘pop’ up there, and a cream which relives the itching…unless you have any other conditions, then this is more than likely what your doctor will give you, but it’s available over the counter too…

you can get all thise from your doc, the thrush you will need to get something for, tell your mum, she’ll understand, as I say I used to get it all the time when I was younger, it’s to do with the hormone imbalance in your body. also, thrush is a yeast infection, and yeast thrives on sugar! that’s why people with diabetes get it quite often if there sugar levels arn’t maintained properly - so try and cut down on your sugar intake too…

neither of these are major problems…I was plagued with them for years, but fortuently it’s calmed down now. I had an infection at christmas, and I tried to remedy it myself holistically, but after a week I had to get a prescription…

speak to your mum, and ask her to take you to chemist or docs…just tell them your symptoms and they’ll give you the appropriate medication - no biggy honest :)

Answer #11

when I pee it really hurts LOADS, but my mum passed away when I was young so I dont want to go with my dad since im only 13 I dont know what it is but I want to get rid of it myself :’(

Answer #12

omg I have it t00.. & it hurts soo bad everytime I got too pee I kryyy.. it just hurts soo bad id do anything too make it go away.. I wanna pee normal again :(.. I get a bladder full every 20 minutes soo I been krying pretty much all week. :(.. will it EVER Stopp?

Answer #13

It’s a urinary Tract infection you have.

If you have experienced the symptoms like burning sensation while peeing and it’s smelly as well as you need to pee most of the time for more than 24 hours then you should consult your doctor immediately.

However, don’t be scared.

It’s nothing abnormal, every woman gets UTI infection once in life time or more.

Don’t try to treat it yourself just now, if it’s the first time you should be on antibiotics which will be recommended by your doc. But drink water constantly and go for a wee as soon as you feel to, do not hold.

It is caused due to some bacteria that gets onto her urethra and up to the urinary bladder.

It will reach your urinary tract and all the way up to the kidney if you don’t treat it on time and that could be very serious so ACT NOW.

Make sure drink loads of water and try to avoid sugar as the bacteria feeds on the sugar.

It is possible that when a woman gets UTI once, it will repeat again, so here are some prevention and precautions for avoiding;

-Drink lots of water

-Always wipe front to back (this is important cause the bacteria might have got onto your urethra when you wipe after bowel movement.

-Drink a glass of cranberry juice(no added sugar) a day

-DON’T hold your urge to pee

-Always wear cotton panties

-Try taking shower rather than a bath (to avoid getting bacteria enter your urethra from your anus.

Good luck

Answer #14

I have the same thing :/ I dont know what to do and im embarrased to tell my mom or go to the doctor, I havent told anybody, and it hurts a lot when I pee

Answer #15

I have it to I really really hurts Im too scared 2 tell someome but sometimes I feel like screaming Will it eventually go away im only young and im still a virgin so I cant be a sexually transmitted disease Please someone HELP me please

Oh and I constantly need to pee but hardly anything comes out

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