Please help, It's a Twilight Question...

Ok, so I had the MOST amazing dream ever last night and I just can’t get it out of my head. I just had to write it down, so I did and decided it would make an amazing book. The bad thing is, is that it is totally based off of the Twilight series. It is from Bella’s (my) point of view. So here are my questions:

  1. How can I publish this without getting arrested for copywrite?
  2. Do you like this story line??? Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee go on a trip and come back. Bella missed Edward terribly because the trip was much longer than expected, two years. When B, J, and are come home, they find that everything has changed. Everything was polluted, and totally trashed, the foggy air was blackish grey. Bella runs at her unhuman speed to see if she can find Edward. He wasn’t at the house, he wasn’t at the cottage. So she checks a hunting spot and finds all of the Cullens waiting by a river. Bella sees from far away and starts running to Edward with her arms wide open running for a long embrace that she desperately needs. She runs faster but gets hit, then held back by Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett. Jasper, Emse, and Carlisle were with Edward. It almost seemed like they were talking, but Bella knew there was something wrong, Jasper was most likely keeping Edward calm while something bad was going on. Carlisle looked like he was working over someone who could die any second and Esme seemed to think Edward would die any second. Bella couldn’t bring herself to look at Edward so she looked at the water. Oh, so that explained the terrible scent- the water looked like it was yellowish, brownish, blackish. It was so gross that there weren’t words for it. Finally Bella glanced at Edward, only to gasp and stare with her eyes wide open. Edward looked vulnerable, in pain, and oh my god, he was bleeding. The pollution in the water caused Edward to become very dangerous even to a vampire after the polluted water sank in. Edward became a huge giant, Bella actually was scared of Edward. Then, Edward became human, his heart beat, he blushed, he was weak, and he was still beautiful. Bella has to spend a great deal of time getting used to it. One of the lines I intend to have in here is: “I always said that if there was a way I could become human for you, I would, and look, here I am, human.” Edward would say. But Edward will become very ill and Bella will turn him into a vampire, but there will always be something different about him.

Some point in the part were Edward becomes human, Jacob and his pack crave some attention but don’t fully understand the consequences of doing it, but the whole pack jumps in and becomes one giant million headed wolf. It would look cool in a movie.

Jacob becomes human and his romance with Renesmee carries on, but Renesmee jumps in to become human too, and there love intensifies.

Edward and Bella’s relationship will intensify throughout the whole story, it will define both of them better than you will ever expect. It is a story that includes fear, love, terror, intensities, comedy, and more. I would hope that you’d like it.

Oh, and just to let you know, this story would be like the book after Breaking Dawn.

  1. Should I write it?

  2. Do you like it?

  3. Any suggestions?

  4. Any comments?

  5. Anything else you’d like to add, please, please, please add it!

  6. Any title ideas

  7. (Not really a question) Please state your truest of feelings, but be nice about it

  8. Do you like this idea at all and think it has potential at all? Additional details about the storyline:

  9. Edward as a giant wouldn’t just mean greater size, but more of a super scary thing

  10. Not a million heads, just as many as in the pack, and same thing: very scary. Oh, and it is all one body with all of the heads.

  11. I decided that Edward should start grunting, yelling, and screaming while being transformed both times: it gives a good idea of what he’s going through.

Oh, and yes, I’m fully aware that this is a lot like the twilight series: I envision it being the book after breaking dawn

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Additional Details Oh and what I hope to do is make each chapter juicier and juicer and by the last chapter (which should be the Juiciest and richest of them all), it should leave you wanting another book (Or more bookS)

Answer #1

It’s called fanfiction. You can’t publish fanfiction, generally speaking.

Answer #2

I dont like it, it does not follow the books that would never happen it is very ceative just doesnt go allong with twilight

Answer #3

OMG!!! I luv luv luv this story line I would totally write it but make it your own change names and places then it wouldnt be copywriting and please funmail me if you do end up writing it! xoxoxoxoxox yayayala

Answer #4

If you like it write it.But to be honest…lots of things would never have happened in that senario.Read Stepenie Meyers reaserch reasons for her story lines.All of her plots go along with legends.Yours has no ryhme or reason.Whats the fog?Whered it come from? If edwards human will Bella be? How? And the whole piont of Jacob imprinting on Reneseme was because she could produce better babies being half vampire half human.Thats WHY they imprint.So it couldnt work between them otherwise.Lots of things in that wouldnt work.

Answer #5

Sorry, but you wouldn’t be able to publish this. The rights to Twilight and its sequels belong to Stephenie Meyer and her publishers. Not only would this not be accepted because of copyright issues, but also because it doesn’t follow the Twilight storyline. It just … it doesn’t really fit. I’m sorry, I sound very rude, but I’m giving you my honest opinion. Perhaps you could come up with your own story, with different characters, places, stories, and ideas that you could put this into, but, at the moment, no publisher would want to use something so similar (in this case, exact) to another author’s work. They would have to deal with many lawsuits, unless you make this completely your own story. Changing the names isn’t enough.

Answer #6

Wow That was really great! <333 You should publish, but asking first to S.M. would be best at far. you can always post/publish it on a different website as a fanfic. Recommended(sp?):

Answer #7

I really like it but if you were to write somthing like this you’d have to chang the complete story line. as in difernt names. difernt people. differnt place. difernt ablilties. you’d pritty much have to end up making your own story. outherwise you’d end up getting lawsute for coppywriteing. sorry. if you do deside to make it your own type of story tho please fun mail me. I think you could have a great chance of becoming a wiiter. =] with love.

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