Why does the iphone 4 already need an update?

My rule of thumb (which is why I don't buy Apple products): If they can't get it right the first time, they never will. I mean seriously. Updates to fix signal problems ALREADY! Come on people just because it's the latest trend doesn't mean it works right. What's your opinions?

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I think they were dropping calls...

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Users of the iPhone 4 were having trouble with the sensors on the touchscreen that caused them to dial other numbers and disconnect calls accidentally.

Also, Apple has issued an update due to the occurrence of the signal strength being of poor quality. The signal gets covered up by the user's hands so calls and internet are harder to access. They addressed thi issue in the new update as well.

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While the possibility of a touch screen error is likely the current update is for an error with the antenna on the new iphones if you place you finger over a certain spot it will lose service the update is completely free and is provided by apple
-Hope this answered you question

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