How do i convince my parents to let me get piercings?

Ok im 14 and I really want a belly button ring. I've asked my parents if I could get one when I turned 16 and they said hell no! I want one for either my fiftenth or sixthenth birthday. what do you think is a good age to have one and how can I convince my parents into letting me get one?

ps. my parents are very stict so advice from a parent or a person that has had this situation wouldbe nice!!!

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ANSWER #1 of 19 parents a strict too...when I asked my mom said no, and I should focus on that case I just told not lettin me have it:
1) your making me think about it more..thus not allowin me to focus on school
2) its not will heal in no time
3) just cause I have 1 or 2 more holes in me doesnt change who I am
4) and if I am changed you should love me neway
5) you should respect me more for asking u...cause kids my age would do it anyway witout their parents consent...with that in mind...since im asking u, I value your opinion!
AND 6) and if that as hell dont work...say MUMMY DONT you LOVE ME?!?!?!...lolol

I tried :)

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I've had mine since I was 9 or 10 and there pretty cool I would say get one at 16 cause that way its easier to hide. and you wont have to hide it as long..

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do it just dont be stupid if you going to play a rough sport place tape over it ot put in a small peircing that wont catch unto anything.

joannee x
I've heard that placing a moist tea bag on the spots will slowly fade them.

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I just peirced my lil sisters bellybutton she turned 14 on the 28th and I got mine when I was 16.theres no right age its if your ready...oh and at the risk of being yelled at by other people here...your parents cant stop what they cant see.

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im 13 and I want my navel pierced sooo bad but my mom keeps saying noo she says im to young but all my friends have it and I want one soo bad do yall guys have any advice for me to tell my mom so shell let me get my navel pierced

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my mum wont let me get mine done either, its so annoying! I was thinking of going into town on tuesday to get it done with a friend but I think she would freak when she finds out so I really dunno, my sister did it when she was my age but mum wont tell me what she did bout it so I dunno how bad the outcome will be. im desperate to get one tho! any ideas how to convince her?

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im 16.
I had my belly button pierced when I was 14 after like 4 years of nagging my parents.
I ripped it out after around 1 month from playin sport.
I then had it pierced again behind my parents back even though the doctor told me not to.
I've not got a dark circle scar just above my belly button where my ring should be.
dont do it.

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yeah 15 is good!!

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I asked my mum and did what bigheadedchica said and its my birthday on the 3rd of novermber and im getting it done then...
( I wrote the comment above btw)
xx try it guys

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I ve been asking for 4 years and my parents still say NO! I made them a slide show with about 100 facts and quotes. saying that ALL im asking for is their consent. Im paying for it all by myself I just want them to say yes everyone has told me to just do it but I dont want to. I'm 15 and they say I should wait until I'm 18!! I proved that its not a new craze its been around since Egyptian times but they still won't budge and all they say when I ask why they dont want me to get is "I dont like it!" Anyone have ANY idea what I can do? I've tried not talking to them. Being incredibly good and cleaning all the time. Not talking about it for ages so they forget! Im an A* student as well! I've never come home drunk! I feel like I'm being punished for nothing! I only have my caterlidge done.

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you should wait till your 16.
thats the legal age to go into a peircing shop and get it done without your parents consent.
also your body is still growing.
the younger you get it done, the more it will grow out as you age a few years.
so by the time your like 16 itll be half way out because your body grew.
so wait a bit more

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well I got my cartalige pierced last friday and my mum and dad let me, im also getting my tragus pierced in the future weeks (fingers crossed), but I need to persuade my dad, I think you should perhaps just be like to be honest it is my body! That might not work though if you have strict parents!!!
Just don't keep on about it as that will really wind them up and they will just keep saying no! Also you could try saying you will do well in school and you will pay for it yourself! Hope this helps you, and hope you get what you want :) x

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Im 14 in 3 weeks and I reaaally want mine done!! My mum said you could get it done tomorow if my dad will let me but he didnt Urghhh!! they said wait till your 16 but my best mate had it done when she was 10!! I'm going to try what Bigheadedchica said and ill post what happens in a bit!!!
Wish me loook guys

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oh gosh parents are the same..I want a piercing for my 15th bday (next month) and they said No..over and over parents are old fashioned & somewut strict it sux..

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read what she says ---V (its good)
thank you so much bigheadedchicha,
you have helped me SOOO much.
you've inspired me to write a lil essay based on your points, plus some of my own.
I really appreciate it.

im going to show my mum it tommorow morning, and see what she says, wish me luck!
if she reacts well, then I will post it onto here :)

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i tried this...sorry didn;t work :(

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hii .. i just wanteed to knmo what advice advice bigheadedchica said ?

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well from experience i got mine done behind my moms back... i had it for 7 monthes but everybody always touches my stomach so its kinda hard to tell them not to so i let closed & i pierced it myself with a neddle i bought at the fair that was clean and in a package if yuh do get it done without yuhr parent permission i would suggest to get the belly retainer they have in stead of the actual jewelery

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wait what did bigheadedchica say???cuz it wont let me view it :(

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