Why do people think it's so weird that I'm on the track team, just because I'm not skinny?

So Yea im on the trackteam and ppl alway’s think its weird they ask, me stuff like dont u have to be skinny to run track, Im like No Im not huge but im thick, and i dont wannabe skinny i just dont like the way it look’s. so what do ppl think.

Answer #1

Dunno but all size people r on track team

Answer #2

Cardio is usually what people use to lose weight and running is the best way to lose weight. So just in general people that run track are skinny.

Answer #3

Because it is weird to them. People are just used to seeing athletes as skinny people. I remember when i was a teenager and i swam competitively, i got many raised eyebrows when i won because of my weight. Cant blame them. They just are not used to being outside the box. Its like seeing a skinny guy win a sumo wrestling match.

Answer #4

I think track is one of those sports where the numbers speak for themselves. If you run fast or throw objects long distances and are winning, then not sure size really matters.

Are you a runner and is your thickness as you put it getting in the way of you being great? Something to consider for the sport, but on a personal level, it sounds like you love yourself for who you are and that is the key. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

Answer #5

Because people have the misconception that being skinny makes you a better runner. That is however incorrect as you need some insulation to keep you and your heart healthy. I’m also a heavier runner and people look at me funny when I say I run about 5 km’s easily becuase they don’t grasp the concept. You also know what is interesting. If you look at the comrades marathon, the winners aren’t actually skinny women, they are heavier than what people would expect.

Answer #6

Yeaa people thankxxx for answering ;D And im not big im juss thick! and dont wannabe skinny ;D so yeaaa lol

Answer #7

because they are stupid..your size or weight doesn’t determine how fast you can run..alot of skinny people can’t run fast..i was on track for a little bit..i wasn’t skinny or big, i was just athletic/toned..but there were some bigger people on the team that could actually run..and track is a good way of losing weight..i would recommend it to anyone..

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