Im scared of joining track team

So I really want to join track but people might make fun of me because im not strong and cant run that to save my life plus I quit a sports team earlier in the school year. I really want to join because my girlfriend is on the team so we could spend time together plus I kinda want to lose some weight. Plus should I do the running if im 156 pds and about 5ft or diskas

Answer #1

I say GO FOR IT DUDE!! you won’t regret it cause it has so much to offer: self discipline, self esteem, you make new friends, you find out what your’e good/not so good at. and I know what you mean because I can’t run fast at all because during my races I would always come in last place but hey you know what? despite that I still had fun and that’s why I did track for all four of my high school years. and ya if you want to lose weight while you’re in track trust me you will definately lose it no doubt about it cause your’e always running even if running isn’t one of your events, your’e always getting some kind of work out and I think it always feels good to exercise and do things at our don’t be scared you’ll have a ton of fun I promise and like you said if your’e joining cause of your girlfriend then maybe the two of you can help each other out like if you decide to do discus maybe she can give you some pointers or maybe you could help her with her stretching. and don’t worry about others making fun of you just because you might not be strong heck I myself lack upper body strength but hey I don’t let that stop me besides 85% of it actually comes from your legs not your arms. I hope I was able to help you if any at all and if you have any questions about track please feel free to funmail me and I’ll be glad to help

Answer #2

Go for it, who cares if people make fun of you. The only people that are allowed to do that anyway are those who has been in your position AND can do it better than you. People who make fun of others are insecure anyway.

At least try it…you might find that you like it and you’ll learn how to run one does anything 100% right the first time.

Answer #3

Track is one of my most favorite things in the world!! I think you should go for it!! Besides it is not about winning or losing. It’s about having fun and learning new things. You’ll probably even make new friends!!! I am most definitely gonna join track for my school in a couple weeks! None of my friends are joining it but I wanna be a track star when I grow up so I don’t wanna lose no opportunity. lol and btw, just to let you know…I think 156 pds for a 5 ft person is normal/perfect weight…but track would make you lose pds if you join it sooo like I said before, go for it!

Answer #4

well…the best thing to do right now is to go and join the team. don’t mind what others say and if you go to practice veryday…then you can do it!!! :)

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