What are some reasons why animals shouldnt be tested on?

I dont think so! I want to know what you think? Also reasons why they shouldn’t. Or if you belive strongly they should tell me why? What do you think and why?

Answer #1

Im writing an essay, on why animals shouldn’t be tested on.

Answer #2

Yes to an extent. So much of modern medicine and surgical techniques are availabel today due to it.

Do I like it: No It it helpful: Yes

But the freaking make-up and lotion companies that test on animals is just stupid. They are not making the world a better place by doing that. But in the field of science/medicine it’s a necessary evil.

Answer #3

-It’s very wrong -Up to a billion people (possibly) are against all parts of animal abuse -Most people are fully against testing anything on animals -License or not, it shouldn’t be done cause they wouldn’t want their own pets being tested on

I can go on but it will be a long list.

Answer #4
  1. It may not be reliable to conclude that an animal’s reactions (physical or behavioral) will be the same as a human’s reaction, so the results may not translate or be reliable
  2. Animals have the right to be treated as beings of value in themselves, not as the means to human ends; this principle must be applies in order to guarantee the end of cruelty to animals. The application of this principle means that animals should never be experimented upon whatever the potential gain for humanity. To infect monkeys with the AIDS virus or to expose rodents to toxic chemicals and radiation is simply not acceptable, whatever the supposed benefits.
  3. In practice, as everyone knows, animals are not routinely treated well by animal experimenters. Apart from the fact that millions of animals die each year in experiments, others are often not adequately anaesthetised and are abused by handlers and experimenters. It is idealistic to suppose that this will ever stop as long as society endorses vivisection.
  4. In fact few breakthroughs have been made as a result of animal experimentation - its advocates have overstated its achievements. There has been a catalogue of errors and failures in animal testing, which its advocates gloss over; as many as half the drugs that have been approved in the US and the UK after animal testing have subsequently had to be withdrawn because of harmful side-effects. Furthermore, there are alternatives to many tests that are currently done on animals - e.g. growing tissue or cell cultures from human cells in the laboratory.
  5. In fact, most animal experiments are done on animals that are nothing like human beings - rats and mice - which undermines the argument that these experiments are a reliable guide to human reactions. Scientifically, as well as morally, most animal experimentation is to be rejected - the reaction of a mouse to a substance is no guide to human reactions. Each species has its own unique physiology. And the more similar an animal is to a human being - e.g. a chimpanzee - the more intelligent and sentient it is, and so the more immoral it is to treat is as a disposable and worthless biological object.
  6. It is only acceptable to test human medicines on human beings if they give their consent. Non-human animals are never able to give such consent. It is therefore never acceptable to test medicines on perfectly healthy animals, even if the treatments are for use on other animals.


Answer #5

K no one likes animal testing but Could you live without SHAMPOO >MAKE UP >SPRAY HAIR DYE >SKIN LOTION >SUN CREAM >PARACETAMOL?

I hate animal testing but we need it or would you rather go in their place so everyone can have everything that they allow us to have.

What about a little boy who is dying because of a snake bite would you make him die because we didn’t have a antidote because of a horse getting injected with the venom?

If you want something to be made about what about all those racing horses that go to the slaughter house when the lose a race or when they break a leg that can be fixed. Or how the Chinese are killing innocent dolphins because they call them the roaches of the sea. and the label the murder scientific research? What about the Chinese tiger farm where they kill the tigers and serve them to people in a restaurant? Tigers are endangered species and are needing to be protected to survive. Or how the polar bears are starving to death because of global warming and are having to travel into towns and get shot just because they are looking for food for their cubs. Now that is a issue.

Answer #6

Ty’s answer is the best and most accurate. As a researcher (and no I do NOT test on animals) and an animal rights activist I know first hand that that vast majority of information that has been received as a result of animal testing could be shared by researchers through use of a clearing house. The days of development through only animal testing are antiquated and many researchers have found that cell lines are the best means of controlled research with the most reproducable results. As for the cosmetics industry, many quit testing on animals years ago and do not use animal by-products. Go to the PETA website for a list. And to the misguided girl who asks if we could live without shampoo, etc. Well my answer is yes, we can live without shampoo that is tested by injecting it into the eyes of rabbits. What kind of cruel, selfish person are you? ALL animal torture is wrong and should be stopped from testing eye shadow to the skinning of canine raccoon dogs to make the fur collars of coats sold at J.C. Pennys. You can judge a people by the way they treat the most innocent of their society…that includes animals, children, the elderly, etc. Wake Up!

Answer #7

If they shouldnt, but they should. I cannot really agree on wether they should or shouldnt. They should because if they dont weee may have a rection or even… die!!! But the poor little animals that die everyday because of testing. I cant decide. The question is… Would you rather die, or would you rather animals die?


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