Why do people say stupid stuff like "ching chang chong" when there talking about or are around asian people?

that so retarded and makes no type of sense just because that's not actually what they say or sound like, i don't get it,like what does it even mean, and what are peoples intentions when they do it? are they trying to be funny or cool, or they really think Asian people talk like that? and it also gets on my nerves when i say something like oh she looks cute and the other person is like who? and i say that Asian girl and then there like shes not Asian she Chinese WTF? if shes Chinese doesn't that mean shes Asian??! that always happens to me if i say something about someone being Asian someone else will always be like no shes chines or Japanese or Korean. china is in Asia so when you say someones Asian that covers all the Asian races, people are really ignorant sometimes.

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Supposedly it means rock paper scissors. But in German ^.- I'm confused on the matter, it could be a Chinese saying. http://funadvice.com/r/167fj33ua5o

And yes being Chinese/Japanese/Korean ect... is being Asian it's just more specific.

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i thought RO SHAM BO was rock paper scissors lol

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never mind i just realised you said in german lol

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Hopefully a Chinese person will come enlighten us.

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LOL ya hopefully haha, cuz i really dont understand

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Iknow what you mean my dad does that when hes driving and theres an asain person in front of him-_-. And people in my school do that theyll be"ughh look at ching chang over there!"etc.... like they be callin any asain person chinese its so annoying!

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LOL about ur dad doing that but ya seriously its annoying how they just call any Asian person Chinese, instead of what they actually are, that's why i just say Asian because if i don't know what they are i dont wanna offend anyone an LMAOOO about the look at that ching chang chong over there haha who sais stuff like that??!! like wtf is a ching chang chong???? thats just not something u should call people lol.

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iknoww like do chinese people even sound like that forreal?!And ill correct them liike no there not chinese there vietnamese or whatever and theyll just say who cares its all the same '_' wtf thats so ignorant

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I'm Chinese xD. Ching Chang Chong, I'm not really sure what those mean lol, it could be the english pronunciation of a ton of different Chinese words since the English "translation" can't fully mimic the sounds of the Chinese language. I notice a lot of people doing stuff like that haha, most the time they're joking, the way people like joking about different races. But I do know for a fact a lot of people tend to "look down" on asians a bit so I don't believe it's always fully joking.

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lol its funny as hell!! yet kind of racist

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i LOVE Asian people/Asian stuff, but i never actually had any asian friends lol, more like acquaintances

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Descrination is the answer. People are complex most just show out like that infront of there freinds because they want to be center of attention and thats how they do it, others just laugh because of the person being their freind and all, its a major defect in amarican and other cultures and shouldnt be aknowledged really because humans are retarded. Lol

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Ching chang chong was used in a movie people it was a comedy and one of the actors jus said it because it was funny in the movie there is no true legit meaning behind it, its used for entertainment purposes only, u dont go to china and hear people say oh hand me that ching chang chong, its the sound of a bell thats imitated by asians because they have bells all over... Soo theres my honest statement. Its now mixed in with racial slur because of the comedic transactions caused by that movie. Idk wat the movies called but i know its old

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I've been through with that but it's different like if I say I'm asian they gonna answer ching chang chong without asking what kind of race I am ._.

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LOL what the hell? yhats so random

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I do that sometimes when I see an Chinese person lol. I dunno, it's just funny I guess o,o
I never say it in an insulting way, of course. More of a joking manner.

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exactly lol

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The same reason people use the word "retarded" to describe something that they don't agree with. I'm sure it has roots in discrimination, yet so many of us have become desensitized. Unfortunately it has become commonplace to use stereotypes, slurs, and degrading phrases for comic relief, or to blow off steam.

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