Why are so many people willing to send someone else's kid, husband, or father to get Kony?

if you want to do something about get a plane ticket , get a gun and go wonder through the jungle your self . every one is angry well then go f-ing do it. quite asking for my brother or my friend or my sisters husband to go solve a personal issue you have with another person. supposedly there are millions of you people who want this dealt with well go deal with it. these people have family and personal issues why re you so willing to send others off risking there life because you seen a 30 minute video about something that happens in like half the African countries over the last 50 years. and ll you people buying those action kits good for you you just help make half dozen people millions of dollars. well done

Answer #1

Not sure what’s causing the sudden hysteria, John, but it seems to be mostly teenage girls.

Answer #2

it was a marketing idea and it worked those stickers shirts and flyers are already sold out. a few choice people just made millions

Answer #3

Everyone wants to be apart of something big. They’re giving an open chance for young people to help and the people like it. We gotta start somewhere.

Answer #4

yeah we been in Korea for 60 years now had embargo agaist cuba for another 60. you say it has to start some where how about when are we going to stop

Answer #5

Well because we can’t all just get guns and track Kony down. Duh. Like I said before, we shouldn’t be separated by country, we are all humans living on the same planet, why shouldn’t we help each other out?

Answer #6

I love your answer.

Answer #7

All it takes is thirty minute video and people will believe anything.

Answer #8

If only all the people who wanted to “help” would just enlist…

Answer #9

why can’t you go and track him down. why are you people willing to send thousands of soldiers to kill this man but not go your self. and this whole one country world is just plan retarded and unrealistic. we are separate countries because people have different views of how they should rule and what is right and what wrong. all your one country thing would cause is misery and lots and lots or revolts and death.

Answer #10

Thats what the US ARMY is for. Protecting us from possible future terrorists like Kony. He is destructive and inhuman. He needs to be stopped before he goes to far and tries to endanger other countries. Its our brothers are husbands and our fathers who fight for our lives proudly. I know many who lofve being in the Army. Who love to bring justice to evil men like Kony. My husband would love to enlist. He has been thinkin about it. He finds the thrill fun. They are our hero’s .

Answer #11

Because soldiers are trained. Duh. And I’m not saying we should be one country, I’m just saying that we should help each other out when we can.

Answer #12

trained to defend America not wage unnecessary wars. soldiers sign up to defend there country from others not to please self righteous humans in attempt to make foolish hipsters feel better. you want a soldier to go risk his life for your cause ask a few see what they tell you.then get back to me

Answer #13

i hope your husband does in enlisted and when he does i hope they send if over see’s to kill people for no real reason and he ends up dying so you can feel proud your husband is gone for a great cause of lining other peoples pockets. people enlist in the military to protect us our country our form of government not to invade others to kill because you think it should. and kony isn’t going to attack America he doesn’t care at all about us. it’s not America’s job to police the world it’s every countries responsibility to take are of there own problems.

Answer #14

Well unfortunately they signed up to be soldiers and they have to do whatever the president says.

Answer #15

Wow, did you seriously just wish death upon someone’s husband? You’re disgusting.

Answer #16

well you are too your just not naming which soldiers who die will be but i assured you people family members will die if we go after kony. possibly several hundred s it is jungle. and a horrible area to try and have militry actions go on. that and ll the residents of that the country we will accidentally end up killing.

Answer #17

and fortunately no government official is going to agree to start another war during an election year.

Answer #18

Ur a real piece of sh!t u no that? No wonder ur wife wont have se.x wit u. She probably fell in love with a gentlemen who will treat her right. Ur way if thinking is all twisted. U have some real demons in u. But its all good dude. Im not even gonna waste my time on ur ignorance. Yes ignorance. The fact that u cant see how ignorant u are makes u even more ignorant. Truely pathetic

Answer #19

Angel and Kahili, I think you’re missing John’s point. I don’t think he means to wish death upon your husband. He is asking you to truly step into the shoes you say you want to wear, meaning, if you seriously want your husband to go to Uganda and fight, then take it a step further and think ahead. This crusade is bogus. Lots of new stuff every day is coming out now about who’s behind it all, and why.

Answer #20

Better living through ballistics?

The only tortured logic on display here comes via the mind melding between the orthodox right enablers of the neocon war cabal… and the progressive left Obama acolytes who wish to see him coronated,.. king of the world.

As trite as it may sound… Orwell’s 1984 is coming to fruition only a quarter of a century behind schedule. So… now the proles truly believe that War is Peace. We can only attain peace through the business end of a bunker buster… so say the democratic and republican war parties… and so believe their obliging followers. Whatever poster country the warmongers wish to invade… they simply have to piecemeal some astroturf movement together denouncing its leader… or some de facto junta.. give it a Hollywood makeover… and then the minions of the moment will take it up as their cause.

The anti-war left have become the willing servants of any fu@king thing King Obama ordains… regardless of how tyrannical. The anti-collectivists right will gladly cede their first born… if it means one less make-believe malcontent menacing the planet… never mind the fact that there seems to be an endless list of malcontents we find to unseat… never mind the fact that the we, ourselves, have been added to the list.

When we read that the meek shall inherit the earth… I truly hope we haven’t been victim to some grotesque mistranslation or typo… because the way I see it… The dregs of society have found a foothold and wish to deliver the entire world into their hellish quagmire… where they are the sovereign of the squalor. I am afraid that the meek of mind have come to power.

Answer #21

I tried to “LIKE” this but it didn’t take. So I will say here, love what you wrote, you sure have a way with words. Brilliant, MM.

Answer #22

Yeah… I’m a hard person to like

Answer #23

Well, while making a point he wished death upon her husband. “i hope your husband does in enlisted and when he does i hope they send if over see’s to kill people for no real reason and he ends up dying so you can feel proud your husband is gone for a great cause of lining other peoples pockets.

Answer #24

a third of what you ramble is true but lose the king obama thing that’s way off

Answer #25

Annies clam down you have nothing to worry about your husband wont ever in list. people don’t think about it they just do it. your husband day dreams about it being a good idea when in the front of his mind he knows he would hate every second. so rinse the sand from your cu-nt and calm down. secondly don’t honestly think that i was ever a gentlemen or that i don’t get laid.The question i posted was more in reference to the general idea that 80% of relationships suffer a steady decrease in sexual activity and weather people should tolerate it. As for being gentlemen at the start of my relationship didn’t happen. My wife and me were reacquired by a common friend a few years back when i was invited over for margaritas. See our common friend knew we both were very unhappy with our current partners and that 15 years earlier we both had desires for each other. So our relationship started with drinks and then leaving to screwing at my wood shop. three days later she left the father of her children a man and been with for ten years and i kicked out the woman i had dated for just over 3. no romance and being a gentleman it started with great sex nothing more. The only demons in me are the ones that hate stupid people.

Answer #26

OMG ur somethin

Answer #27

better than being a nothing

Answer #28

Hmmmm… Thanks for the critique… but I think that if I sought anything from the peanut gallery… it would be a pack of honey roasted…

Answer #29

ahh arrogance what a wonderful human trait.

Answer #30

Well… not so much arrogance as it is an insufferability, John… I have an innate disdain for all things obtuse… It’s a curse… in certain cases more than others.

Answer #31

Kahili, your profiles states that you are 18. What city do you live ? I will forward directions to your nearest recruiter. You say you cant just go to Africa? I can get you a ticket through kayak.com to Uganda, oh but only trained soldiers can go after Joe Kony? For that excuse you should talk to that recruiter. Put up or shut up. Oh and if you do decided to grow some balls and take action, know that you will be going up against his army of drugged up kiddy troops. So if you survive and are successful expect to be called a baby killer.

Answer #32

Annie, you are aware that you can enlist as well?

Answer #33

As much as you lose your cool on this website, I know for a fact that you couldn’t handle being a military spouse.

Answer #34

Of course I can go to Africa, but I can’t get a gun and go hunt down a criminal myself. all I was saying was that if our country has the ability to help, then they should think about it. Everyone is so freaking sensitive, my god.

Answer #35

Oh my gosh. Everyone just leave everyone alone, geez. None of us no eachother so stating certain things ‘for a fact’ or anything really is just ridiculous Im sick of getting notifcations for this question. Just leave it.

Answer #36

cry a river

Answer #37

Yea enlist pregnant and leave my kids behind. Chakan thats why we have people who are for this. Not everybody can just enlist. Exactly Kianna - chakan you dont no sh!t about me. I could definatly handle being a military spouse. I think its hot actually. Quite a turn on. Look who the one is losing their cool

Answer #38

Just because everyone wants Kony gone doesnt mean everyone can enlist. We have our army for that. Some people arent made for that. But some are. That doesnt mean we shouldnt root for his @ss to be blown up. Wer got wives. Pregnant ladies who need to stay witht he family and raise the kids. they cant go to Africa. thats why we have the ARMY. If we all enlisted who would stay here and raise the children?

Answer #39

When that person takes it upon themselves to enlist then they take the responsibility to have people wanting them to do what they enlisted for. Trackin down Kony. Thats what they wanted. Thats why their there. Thats why we root for them. Becuz mothers and disabled and people who cannot enlist can still want him caught. We dont send ur brothers and fathers out there, they send themselves. They enlisted

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