Why do people get upset that native americans have some extra privelages?

Such as free health care and what not, just because its there doesnt mean its any good, also americans still live on the land, so why is it even an issue?

Answer #1

I don’t know the situation, can someone explain to me why they have free healthcare and the rest doesn’t? It doesn’t seem fair to me that a certain group of people should have free health care based on heritage? while others don’t get it, but I don’t know enough to really form an opinion.

Answer #2

Heres how i see it. Its the same for any ethnicity, yes, your ancestors were treated horrible and had their land taken away, or were slaves. You however, were not. I dont think its fair that an entire ethnicity gets special treatment or extra government money just because of how their ancestors were treated. Is terrible what happened, but it didnt happen to them personally.

Answer #3

well i think its because so many agreements were broken in the formation of this country, plus the healthcare is less than basic

Answer #4

But agreements are broken everyday to different people from difference ethinicity’s all over the world. I don’t agree with it even if the healthcare is less than basic. It’s discriminating in my opinion.

Answer #5

We actually get way less than people who are in finacial trouble(even of their own accord), and everything still effects my generation, most cultural knowledge is completely gone do to our grandparents being thrown into boarding schools where they were beat for cultural knowledge. I mean i think its really the least that can be done

Answer #6

think about it…they were persecuted for how many years,the men,women and children were killed because of their color,and their land was stolen from them by the whit men,and the Indians were almost erradicated from existance on the trail of tears and other attrocities,and you have the gaul to even ask why they should get something like free health carer…,believe you me..you wouldnt want to pay what really is due to them…so quit whining and talk about something you really know about…because this isnt it!

Answer #7

Most of the world don’t have their original cultural knowledge anymore because of situations liks yours. We live in a modern world and everything deserves the same healthcare etc. If you get free healthcare then African Americans should also get free healthcare because they have been discriminated against. I don’t think giving one group priviledges because of past events is helping stereotypical and racial perceptions.

Answer #8

i think you would think entirely different if you happened to be native american or it was your relatives or ancestors who had been persecuted…

Answer #9

Who are you speaking to. I don’t even live in your country and was giving my opinion. That is what this question is asking, for reasons i.e. opinions on why people get upset.

Answer #10

because they have nothing better to to do and because of their complete lack of knowledge or compassion…lets just call it like it is…they are stupid……

Answer #11

Irene.. I only know a few things on the subject.. The natives where I live receive free health-care which we all do because its Canada but they also receive free post secondary education, no sales tax, tax and government benefits monthly and annually, free land yet it is on a reservation. This is all an entitlement to them set out from the government based on a past of unfair treatment and essentially the stealing of their land..

Answer #12

Thank you for the answer, now I understand better. I do in a way see the rationale and reason behind it, but my question is, when does this stop? What I mean is that at some stage this becomes discrimination, you can’t always give someone benefits because of heritage. I feel that there should be a point where people should be treated fully equal in that regard.

Answer #13

I am 1/4 Native american, thank you very much for your input though. My grandfather and acenstors on my fathers side are all full blooded native american. I, my father, and my grandfather all agree with my opinion. Yes, native americans were treated horrible and their land was taken by force and violence. I feel for my ancestors however, i myself, did not have my land taken nor was i abused and i would not expect extra government money just because my ancestors were. Thats ridiculous. Irish women and men were also slaves an sold into prost!tution along with african americans, i dont see them hollering for extra government money. The generations that were held as slaves, had their land taken, etc, are mostly gone and deceased now, to me - they are the only ones who deserved special treatmet.

Answer #14

You really cant call yourself native american unless you celebrate your culture you are what you believe in

Answer #15

In an ideal world this would be true. But life is hardly ideal. Native Americans have the highest rates of poverty and every other negative effect that comes along with poverty. And it is directly a result of having been exterminated and removed from their land. The minute they are no longer worse off than any other race, then maybe people can talk about equality.

Answer #16

While African Americans may have been discriminated against and their history has been terrible, 95% of their population was not destroyed and they were not forced into reservations. Their current situation is a direct result of their history and this modern world doesnt mean anything to them, they are still living in abject poverty, with terrible health care and few options to make a life for themselves. As soon as the world is this utopian place with equal rights for everyone, we can talk about group privileges. Until then, there are feeble attempts to make it look like people actually care about the natives, and no actual changes being made.

Answer #17

I’m 1/4th native american and my great grandpa is like 3/4ths …so if you keep going on for a while, it WAS my ancestors and I’m mad, yeah, it was wrong. but that was them. We’re not being treated unfairly now. @mandyloo , i totally agree!

Answer #18

I didn’t me we** i mean native americans now ..whoops

Answer #19

CAUSE THEIR ORIGINAL PEOPLE. those who think are better than them you are wrong. I AM NOT RACIST

Answer #20

i am also native american and so were my grandmother,great grandmother and father and great,great great grandfather…i choose not to get benefits because of my heritage…i pay for my own insiurance and benefits,but if native americans, black americans,or any other race decides to elect to take any benefits they feel they are entitled to,then i feel more power to them,that is their choice…so what all of your problems are,i can not iunderstand…,,.worry about what you are doing….worry about ypourself…and dont worry so much about what your neighbor is doing…let them tend to their business,and you tend to yours…it will be a better world if we do that.

Answer #21

you are the first one who has had a real grasp on the situation, and a sensible reply to the question and the answer that i gave …thank you sir.

Answer #22

I’m female. And uhm thanks i guess. What about the cat picture makes me seem male, seriously do guys use pictures of their cats as profile pics (rhetorical question, you’re not the first to make that mistake).

Answer #23

you what i am so sick of native americans getting stuff handed to them by our government. we did nothing to them, as in the native americans who are alive. oh yes who cares we came here and took the land, so what. yes back then if anything things shouldve been done or gave to the indians now tho, hell no they should be treated like every american.

Answer #24

its suppose to be…you know what in the beginning*

Answer #25

I thought you were male at first based on your name - I have a male friend with that name. I figured out pretty quickly however that you are infact female!

Answer #26

ye s i am and i just made the same mistake and said thank you sir to someone named ty,and they quickly corrected me and let me know they were female…see howw we can all miss judge and have the wrong idea …soryy about that…eagles is a username…try sagwa nayeha…..thanks for all the comments back on my comments…i appreciate it for all of you taking the time…i think it means you care something about the question and the answers to take the time to answer and/or give your viewpoints.

Answer #27

I have so many things I could say on this issue, but I’ll avoid some of it. In all honestly I think it’s bull sht. Call me racist if you want to, I don’t care. I can’t respect most of them because they just take all the cash the government gives them, and doesn’t work for sht. This is the area I grew up in anyways. I would have more respect for them if they worked, or if they actually lived off the land like their ancestors did, that would be bloody cool because they have some awesome traditions. All this complaining about what their ancestors had to go through, and how they need all this crap to make up for it is just an easy cash grab. They didn’t experience it and they could have just as easy of a time as the rest of us if they’d stop asking for the special treatment, most of them aren’t following tradition anymore so why not just be as one?

Answer #28

Another mistake. Terrible the treatment of Native Americans. Absolutely terrible. Reparations have not worked. I dont believe throwing money at problems is always the best answer. History has surely proven that doling out money only enables and creates dependancy. We need to educate. Other than that I have nothing.

Answer #29

I live in alaska,(no im not eskimo) and the free government handouts work. In the rural areas everything is expensive, gas is 8 dollars a gallon, and living off the land isnt enough due to regulations and overfishing or hunting by sports hunters. If i could i would gladly funnel my benefits to those people, because i work i pay taxes and i have good health insurance already…but if we get rid of these programs what will happen to those really unfortunate people , i think until there is a better way of quality control its still needed

Answer #30

i think cat pix clearfy a female:)

Answer #31

Yes, see here, it’s different. Here, the native americans are getting cheaper gas than everyone else, honestly, a lot of them don’t work. I’m pretty sure they aren’t really paying taxes either. I know there are exceptions, I’ve met some honest hard working natives, I’m not trying to sound racist here, but it’s true. Mos every single foster care child is a poor native baby because alcoholism runs high among their populations too, I think if we stopped giving them money, it would help sooo much. If the government really feels that they’re still in debt, give them only what they actually need, not just the money to buy whatever they want, because apparently the responsibility needed to use it isn’t there right now. Sure, I can accept the fact that we can’t just cut them off after doing this for so long, but a change is definitely needed, and I don’t see the government working towards it at all.

Answer #32

thank you for a well thought through answer….my hats off to you and cudos…lol eagles

Answer #33

dont ever be pretty sure about anything …unless you know something for a fact…dont comment….learn all of the facts first…

Answer #34

And what facts are you doubting I know? I’m speaking from my personal experience, I’m speaking from what I do know. I don’t know about other areas, but that is how things were in my hometown. I said I wasn’t trying to be offensive so you shouldn’t take it as so. Everything I did say, I meant, I don’t say things i don’t mean. Now please, do tell what I’m missing out here.

Answer #35

I just wanted to add, it was a part of the original agreement, by our forefathers to provide healthcare for Native Americans as long as they were on the reservation. There was a time the gov’t provided all of the food, blankets (some disease infested, but that’s a whole other thing), housing, etc. Yes, times change. But the gov’t agreed to care for them and their children’s children. Why should they deny that? They’ve lost millions, billions, because of ignored treaties. Now they should give up healthcare when they live in delapidated houses? They need better education, alcohol recovery programs, better housing, and programs ro ensure the young don’t forget their culture, not less healthcare.

Answer #36

Cassie… You do sound racist. Try to see both sides rather than being so critical. Would you have felt comfortable making the same comments about black, white or Hispanic people? If not, then you should see that maybe your comments were over the top. You don’t know what there lives are truly like. Think about what they go through on a daily basis. Would you want the gov’t to tell you how much you should have, as oppossed to how much you are allowed to have? I’m a big birth control advocate. Wouldn’t you rather a single woman (alcoholic or not), has the option of giving her child to a loving family, when she can’t afford to care for the child? It’s the responsible choice. It’s too difficult to be selfish. Just consider all sides before you start spouting off, that’s the responsible thing to do.

Answer #37

I don’t make the same comments about black, white or Hispanic people because they aren’t treated like that here. Sure, I can understand to a certain extent that maybe it’s not completely their fault, they’ve become accustomed to it because they just keep having everything given to them. Why can’t this woman take care of her children when the government is giving her money to do so? She’s getting her own money, and the she gets more when she has the child. I would say the same thing if it was a white person, I’m just saying that the rates here are much higher for Native Americans and you can’t argue that with me because there are facts to back it up.

Answer #38

Thanks. I have done alot of volunteer work on reservations in the field of Alcohol and drug treatment. First of all, Native Americans probably should not drink. . .ever. Secondly, it does not solve problems now, to sit here and reiterate how bad Anglo Saxon Americans are. Could have been worse, could have been the mongols or the spaniards. The spaniards tried to literally wipe out a whole race of indians down in mexico. So the blame game doesnt work with me. Just like everything else, we need to live in the solution, not the problem.

Answer #39

Lol. This is the same ridiculous argument made against all poor populations. If we stopped giving them handouts, they’d learn to fend for themselves. The only thing is, in countries where people actually get a lot of services from the government (look at europe), people are doing a lot better. You want to talk fact, look at countries that provide services to their people. They are healthier and happier. Giving to the poor does not contribute to alcoholism or any other disease.

Answer #40

But they do have equal opportunities of education etc. That to me is enough. I think that by doing this it’s like encouraging someone with a disability saying it’s ok you don’t have to do anything yourself, yes your ancestors were treated badly, but we are going to baby you as well.

Answer #41

Finally…a person who sounds well educated and knowledgeable on all of the facts…how refreshing is that….thank you very much…and continue the good work…lol

Answer #42

yet every child simply born in America gets rights that any child born elsewhere in the world could only dream of?

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