Why do people hate the rainforest cafe in chicago, il?

Me and my mom might go there for lunch!! We need to know if it is good or not!! We don't live here!! Thanks:)

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I've never been to the one in Chicago, but I have been to the one in Niagara Falls Canada. It wasn't bad, but very expensive with small portions.

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i dont have a clue. maybe they dont have good service?!!?!?

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Well it has a reputation for decor and food that is better suited to kids than the more mature sophisticated people who are approaching adulthood. But, hey, kids have a right to something that appeals to them more than a 5 course meal at a posh French Menu that even serves wine with the frogs legs and snails.
You can find more than 80 reviews of the place posted by people who have been there , at:
Some like it, some don't. The descriptions are sufficiently detailed to give you a good idea whether or not it would appeal to you and your Mom.
If in doubt I suggest you go there. If it is as bad as some people claim, you will be laughing about it for years, and if you don't go - well you'll never know what might have missed.
Me ? I'd definitely go and undoubtedly love it,
but then again I'm easily pleased and people keep asking me
"... will you EVER grow up ? ..."
Best wishes - Majikthise.

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