How can i entice more people in coming to my cafe ??

me and my friends have just opened a new cafe, the owners before run it into the ground and we realy need to get loads of customers again

if you have any ideas how we can make money and be the best cafe around feel free to give me your advice and ideas :)

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Make it comfortable, try to make separate parts of the cafe for people who might like privacy and the areas where they can sit in larger groups. Create a fun way for our costumers to choose music for example. Put in a jukebox. :P
Decide the theme for your place. Is it home like, extravagant or maybe elegant. That should make things easier.
Put in "weird" food on the menu like: Beer Nuts, Pigs in a Blanket or happy pizza...You can find some great stuff on the internet if you research a bit.
Fortune cookies are always popular, though you should try making them complementary too cheer them up, before serving your guests a big fat bill. xD

PS. You can always put up a sign out front that says: "Come in here we just wanna feed you." xD Or something like that, funny signs will always draw attention.

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where is it?

ill pop in for a cuppa tea with my mates

make a poll and find out what the customers want from your cafe... just ask them to fill it out when they come in :)

youd be surprised some of the weird stuff people will eat and drink that you would never think of

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