Why do some people hate chocolate?

and dont say cause your illergic..why is it cause it smell or tastes funny or look funny why?why?why?
jw lol

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Well, some people are texture freaks, others have a very bad sweet tooth, or sweet sensitivity. You know that feeling when you eat something and you go "oh wow, way too spicy!" or "oh wow, way too salty!" Well, same with sweetness. Some people eat it and go "oh my I feel I'm going to have a heart attack!" if something is too sweet or over-sugared.

Also, some people may have cavities, or sweet teeth. Where if you have a cavity that chocolate is going to BURN the living crud out of that hole. There's many different reasons why people don't like chocolate. It could also be a personal preference, bad experience (getting the flu and puking up chocolate, for an example) or a bad memory (getting chocolate from an ex boyfriend for the very first time.) Many reasons, dear, many reasons :)

Oh...and because they could be allergic :P Sorry, had to add that in!

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I don't know. I love chocolate. I don't like the dark chocolate too much but my Mom loves it. I HATE white chocolate. It doesn't taste right. And... well chocolate being white just isn't normal. My daughter loves chocolate too but prefers non-chocolate candy over chocolate.

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I;'m just not a big fan of chocolate. I am not big in the sweet categories. but I do eat it. some people just dont have different taste buds I guess

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I hate it!! I ust do because it only makes you gain weight and also becaue I just dont like the taste of it I don't know why but is just like not something I like. I myself why some people luv it!!

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probably because it maybe to rich for some people

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I wasnt bought up eating it... and im diabetic so I dont eat it :P

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I love it but it gives me a stomach ache when I eat it.. I only have it every once in a while.. :)

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im not sure actually I just know a few people who absolutely hate the taste of it.

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I love sweets a lot but I hate chocolate. I hate the taste of it first and foremost. The aftertaste lingers with you which is horrid. Dark is worse than milk as Dark has a stronger aftertaste. But you won't find me eating milk chocolate bars either.

Some examples of things I hate that are chocolate. Cake, Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips in Cookies or Ice Cream, pretty much all chocolate candy bars. I also hate White Chocolate. I one tried coffee flavored chocolate, the worst taste in my life. It tasted like sawdust. I don't like coffee either.

I can eat things where chocolate isn't the main taste, or when mixed together makes a new taste, like Reece's Cups where peanut butter mixes great with the chocolate. Also I can drink Chocolate milk, but only with tacos or something that goes well with it. But overall I don't crave chocolate or savor it.

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