Why is it that people are quick to judge lesbians but dont see any thing wrong with 12 or 13 year olds getting pregnant..??

Answer #1

i dissagree 12 or 13 year olds getting pregnate is just sad and pittiful that they have to do that to make them selves feel good, or wanted, but lesbians/gays do it because they cant really control it it is like something in there brain, actully i would judge the 12 or 13 year old way before i would judge any lesbian or gays GAY PRIDE!

Answer #2

I don’t know where you are from, but you obviously haven’t been on this site very long if that’s how you think.

Answer #3

Who are you talking to that this is happening? As far as i know both get judged all the time. However, lesbians have no choice in their lifestyle and were born who they are. 12 and 13 year olds shouldnt have been having sex and they choose they life they have by opening their legs and not using protection, so if people judge them, i can hardly say anything to defend them.

Answer #4

Oh no im not talking about the site im talking about perion bcause i spnd most my time on face boook and thats all i c is ppl judgen othaxz

Answer #5

Well im a lesbian bcause thats who i choose to b there is nothing in my brain controling that and yeah you have a face book bcus on mine all i c is ppl judgen the fact that i myself and others are gay..

Answer #6

People judge, it’s a fact. You learn to deal with it or you conform to societies norm.

Answer #7

well most people cant choose who they like, or dont know yet then lable themselves as streight to feel excepted, i for one hand, and still deciding cuzz i know i absolutly love my boyfriend and i c nothing wrong with gays bis or lesbians simply because if i were them, i would not want to be judgeed, and allot of people are Homofobes which means they are scared of gays or scared of becoming one thereselves. (btw i say gay cuzz its easyer to type instead of lesbian and such so please dont take offence or anything)

Answer #8

well most people cant choose who they like, or dont know yet then lable themselves as streight to feel excepted, i for one hand, and still deciding cuzz i know i absolutly love my boyfriend and i c nothing wrong with gays bis or lesbians simply because if i were them, i would not want to be judgeed, and allot of people are Homofobes which means they are scared of gays or scared of becoming one thereselves. (btw i say gay cuzz its easyer to type instead of lesbian and such so please dont take offence or anything)

Answer #9

unlike u i cannnot say anything to defend them its just wrong when i was 12 the only thing i thought about was homework and with a guy, at the most a kiss on the cheak or a hug nothing sexual, and now im 13 i still dont want to do anything sexual with a guy

Answer #10

People judge everyone. No matter what they choose to do in life. You will alway judge and be judged. To a lot of people homosexuality is a bigger sin then young pregnancies due to them being very religous or closed minded. I live in a place where people judge a lot. They hate people who are not white, they hate people who dress differant, the hate differant sex friendships, they hate homosexuals, ect. I am not like this at all and I get harrassed non-stop because of it. But I won’t change anything about me and my lifestyle so they.can go on hating me!

Answer #11

for got to mention, i live in a place where people judge constintly but me i dont judge and idc if i get judged i willl always defend anything i believe in, onetime i was defending my friend who is bi and people started making fun of her, and when i did people thought i was too but im not, but i dont care because i know who i am

Answer #12

sooo true!!..

Answer #13

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but homosexuality has increased very much over the past 10 years and in my own opinion it is due to the needs and wants of attention. I just graduated high school about a year ago and i remember so many girls going “bi” just for attention from others at school and for some guys. Teen pregnancy has also increased over the past 10 years as well, and its something i look down upon. To parents, this shows bad parenting skills that you cannot control your 12 year olds. That’s barely age to have a period for a young girl. So i see both homosexuality and teen pregnancy being judged at the same rate. I do not think that most people who claim the title “Lesbian” are as they say they are i really think its all an attention go-getter.

Answer #14

I find both get judged. I personally find I tend to judge pregnant teens more as I dont see anything wrong with someone being gay. I probably shouldnt judge at all though as I have no idea what the circumstances are.

Answer #15

People will always judge, no matter what…but if you allow them to push ya around then your allowing them to control you. Standing up for what you believe in is awesome, but trying to compare being gay/lesbian to being a 12-13 year old whom is pregnant is a whole other topic between the both of them!

Like Mandyloo said…someone that is born gay/lesbian is born that way or chooses that lifestyle according to his/her preferences…if you are gay u can try to force yourself to live a straight life & be miserable for that period til you decide to just be free & be whom you are!

As for a 12-13 year old having unprotected sex, that is just lack of knowledge, curiosity, bad parenting & peer pressure…as most things at that age…if Sarah slept with her bf then Jenny will want to as well or not be able to hang with the cool kids…so in order to fit in…they will go to any extremes necessary. Now do do poor parenting, lack of educating when having unprotected sex…there are consequences…a baby for one is one of them…another is sexually transmitted diseases… I see no comparison to being judged for being gay/lesbian as to getting pregnant at 12-13! That is a whole other wold of difference!

Just my 2 cents here…I could careless of someone is gay/lesbian/bi/or transgendered….if you can hold a convo with me & we can have some laughs and enjoy each others company…that is all that matters to me! (red, white, black, blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, purple even gray…as long as ur happy & we are good…then its all good!) More power to ya! w00h00! ♥

Answer #16

yeah..you’re one of the few good ones..from where i come from..alot of 13/14 year olds are out there having sex and having babies…lol..but i guess what people choose to do is up to them..i wont judge or anything..lol..

Answer #17

Actually, I don’t want to argue but lesbians do have a choice in their lifestyle.

Answer #18

i definatelly do not want to argue and that’s not my intention..but i will have to disagree on that it’s bad parenting..i know alot of girls who still do things and have very good parents..alot of girls sneak out and do things..it’s not the parents’ fault…in my opinion..i mean some people do bad parenting..but i wouldn’t say it was all because of bad parenting…(if that makes sense..and again..im not wanting to argue or anything) just stating my opinion

Answer #19

i think you got it the wrong way round there :\

Answer #20

No they don’t, you can’t help they way you were born.

Answer #21

you can deny it but its just who you are, and if you go against it, you wont be pleaseing your self at all

Answer #22

Angelee! Long time no chat, anyways I heard that it has to do with genes and stuff but I thought that had to do with gays. Can’t people choose who they like whether they are guys or girls? Sometimes it’s how people are raised, I know but some people have the choice don’t they?

Answer #23

Deedee are you talking about me or Angelee?

Answer #24

“I thought that had to do with gays”…Lesbians are “gay”…they like the same sex.

Answer #25

What you’re doing is using an availability heuristic to support your theory. (It’s a cognitive bias where you assume that certain things are true because you see them more). There’s no evidence that shows that either teen pregnancy or rates of homosexuality have increased. Teen pregnancy rates peaked 20 years ago, it was 117 per 1,000 in 1990. In 2006, it was 71. That’s quite a drop. Abo.rtion rates have also gone down for teens. So, what you’re talking about is just not reality. And there’s no numbers that state that homosexuality is on the increase. Has same-sex female interaction become cool and whatever, yes. Has the number of same-sex females interactions increased, perhaps. Do any of those females end up with other women and actually identify as gay, the numbers dont support anything of the sort. We simply have more access to TV and more access to different topics people didnt like talking about 30 years and thus people pretended didnt exist. Society is not worse now than before because of parenting. We just like to idealize the past. It’s not reality though.

Answer #26

True true, but that’s not the point.

Answer #27

I was going to say I have yet to see the situation, but in certain cultures it probably would be better to be pregnant as a teen than be a lesbian. At least you can get rid of a pregnancy with an abo.rtion. Or give it up for adoption. You cant cure lesbianism. I’d be very surprised if that was true in any sort of Western culture though.

Answer #28

people are strange things. and people react to things in difrent ways. they might juge lesibans because they are homophobic. or they might juge young kids getting pregnate because they beleve in sex when married.

Answer #29

Im only pointing out what i know from my experience and what i see go on around me. Not by what is on TV or what happens in other states, countries, etc. I can only give my opinion by what has happened around me and over 95% of lesbian rates have increased due to wanting attention in my surroundings. And about 60% of the teen pregnancies around me have been because parents are too demanding, not demanding enough, or just can not control their child there are ways to prevent pregnancy.

Answer #30

People judge u for mispelling things. and on here, theyll attack you for ur opinions. trust mee……so all over the world u must know that its not just gays being judged, and pregnant girls being judged. its just how life is

Answer #31

couldn’t have said it better myself!!! =]

Answer #32

why thank you, i just all it as I see it…spoke fm the heart…:)

Answer #33

I see no problem with lesbians.. I see more problems with 13 year olds pregnant.

Answer #34

And I am talking about statistics and what is reality vs what you think you see. It is very easy to get fooled into thinking the stuff you see or remember is what is actual reality. Some how I doubt your particular state has had a unique increase in lesbianism or teen pregnancy. You can believe whatever you want. People have a hard time accepting facts that differ from what they believe they are witnessing.

Answer #35

I don’t see the bid deal about either, and this may sound messed up in ways. So why is it so wrong to have a kid when you can, like if you physicality can and have the desire to have sex, what is wrong with doing so? Buy gay people are just normal people that just like the same sex instead of the opposite.

Answer #36

people are way more accepting of lesbians than gay men. Gay men are what people are really freaked out about.

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