Why do people think they can make a living on this site?

Answer #1

Lol, I guess people think if they post enough they will get enough points. The money you make on this site really is just a little money to treat yourself something, not enough at all for a living.

Answer #2

I don’t know but I have heard people make a descent amount on here but I don’t think it cud even be enough to feed someone for a month

Answer #3

This really irritates me, thank you for bringing it up. I cannot stand people who make endless how to’s, tips, ask a million pointless questions etc just for points. I can name a few people who do it, but i wont. I think people should get off their lazy a$$ & get a fu*king job. The point system is to reward your hard work not to provide your income. The way i see it, if you have a computer & Internet you must not really need the money. Funadvice is meant to be fun, not to feed you.

Answer #4

I have yet to see a single member on here who can claim to make a living off it.

Answer #5

Because they’re naive in thinking this site is always gonna be here, but what if money gets tight and the amount you earn here isn’t enough? Well I guess you could always ask Santa for more money

Answer #6

Well I guess it depends on your standard of living, I guess if you where posting and answering non stop, you might be able to make minimum wage, but it would be more work than a job.

Answer #7

Depending on which position they hold and how much effort they put into helping here, they very well could make decent cash that could at least help pay for certain bills they may have. As an example, I’m pretty sure administrators here get an actual pay. If you check the tips, how-to’s, and leader board, I’m sure you’ll see some members up there who have cashed in at least once.

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Answer #9

lol, sorry I am the santa for my boys.

Answer #10

That’s true

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Answer #12

I would not think this would even come close to paying for my internet, maybe a half a tank of gas.

Answer #13

i have like 4000points, which is like 400$ & those 400$ would be gone in less than 2hours with the way i spent LOL i just like having the points :)

Answer #14

Well I went earlier and got my kids sonic and just one of my boys meals was $10. So I think you would get really thin if you tried to eat from this income.

Answer #15

I agree Irene. I know someone who does that… I’m not naming any names, but I think we all know who it is…

Answer #16

Well still working on filling my slay, have to get that electric gocart for my youngest son. The oldest has a XBOX, but I have that is a huge box under the tree. I hope he can’t guess.

Answer #17

lmaoooooooo same sh** im wonderin

Answer #18

Things aren’t cheap and to try and make a liveing on this site wud be a ludacris idea, its just not logical

Answer #19

pretty much:)

Answer #20

$400, would not cover our home food bill for the month. Then you still have to have the party fund, and the rest of the bills.

Answer #21

By the way the XBOX would have been 4000 points on this site.

Answer #22

You could actually make enough to live a month, depending on your country. With me the amount I can claim at this stage would be enough to buy food for a month and possible pay electricity. It all depends. I agree with you that it can be annoying if someone does post a 1000 howtos a day, but really it is what the site promotes, posting things for points.

Answer #23

Um…I can…lol

Answer #24

lol, Colleen, you have a job here. :] You’re not just a regular user. :P

Answer #25

I personally don’t know anyone that thinks they can make a living off of this site.

The only people that actually could make a living off this site would be the admins, because they actually work for this site. I don’t know how much they get paid, but I am sure it’s more than what regular users get from the site.

What we get is just a reward for being good members, posting good quality content to the site, and bringing good to the site in general. They aren’t paying us to work for them…it’s not a job at all. It’s something fun that people can do, while getting rewarded. Kind of like playing games for prizes.

Answer #26

You don’t count.

Answer #27

I can actually make a living off it. I just don’t try hard enough. The exchange rate off my country is week enough for it.

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