Funadvice do you think it has a real impact on people's lives?

I am a big believer of how every stone thrown into a pond creates ripples and therefore affects the pond as a whole… As is in life. What affect do you believe the advice we give on say even a forum such as fun advice has on the overall lives of each person that reads it? I bring this up because I know there is a few times in my life that otherwise would be insignificant but I have thought back on throughout my life and has affected my decisions and actions. I wonder if what we tell other people on this website has had the same affect on certain people

Answer #1

Sure - a lot of entries ‘plant the seed’ of knowledge even unknowingly - later brought to mind to help.

Answer #2

Most definitely- Some people point questions about wrong decisions they are making and people here help them steer in the right direction to a better life. A lot of people really do learn a lot on here and get a lot of help. Some people even just need someone to talk to about their problems and they can get that here. I have had a lot of people thank me for my advice saying I really helped them realize a whole new look on their situation, its a great feeling and I’m glad we’re here.

Answer #3

I agree, I have always felt this way to, that’s why I always try to think before I write or speak, cause I could cause something I;m not even aware of. I think that somehow, we save lies on this site. some people write about how they have minor health problems and dont know wut’s wrong with them. we encourage them to see a doctor and if it is serious, they get help before it evoles into something else. some people talk about how they think about suicide, in a way, we give them counseling or encourage them to get counseling befoe they do anything drastic. maybe people’s lives are changed by this site. if it didn’t exist, neither would many other people.=D

Answer #4

I agree lovestruck, it has been proven that many lives especially those of teenage males (who are not encouraged in society to open up and talk) may have been saved if they had have had someone to listen to them. Sometimes just that feeling of being alone can be enough to push someone over the edge.

I was thinking that I wonder if sometimes you may say something to someone on here and even as insignificant as it may be it may be enough for it to stick in their heads and affect other decisions and actions they make and then it turn affect other lives those of who may never have even known you.

Answer #5

sure funadvice has an impact if I wasn’t on here at 8 pm I would have went to the bar next to me because of the dj but staying here the phone rang and I answered it and ended up talking to my mother for the last hour.

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