Why are people hiding their real age here?

Answer #1

I don’t know, but it’s dumb.

Answer #2

Having a false age/birthdate is against our terms of use and can get users kicked off the site if they dont change it. Its the young ones that always do it, they lie about their ages to look older, because the year was cool, or because they want to….its pretty stupid considering that we need to know the users age to give them proper advice half of the time.

Answer #3

I have some theories. One, they don’t care what the age says on their profile, they just want to make money. Two, they could be younger then 13. Three, if they look older more people will listen to them, since wisdom comes with age. The final theory is that they are shy.

Answer #4

Maybe becuase older people don’t like to admit how old they are and younger people think people won’t take themseriously becuase they are young.?? (Not sure, thats just a guess)

Answer #5

Could be a lot of reasons.. Anonymity, asking things they’re embarrassed to ask at their age.. It would help us to help them better if they actually told the truth, though. Some questions can’t be answered properly without us knowing real ages,

Answer #6

It is quite amusing to see people putting their ages as 14, 15 and 90 etc. I am new here and is trying to connect with people around my age group unfortunately I have yet to see people in my age range. I don’t see it as a real issue but it is good to have people to share common interest.

Answer #7

You have good points there and I agree to that.

Answer #8

Exactly, knowing their real age will help us to answer their questions appropriately.

Answer #9

I think we should be proud of our age. We have to respect the age that was recorded in the registry. lol

Answer #10

Definitely it is.

Answer #11

i think sum people just dont want to be identified cuz they mite hav asked an embaressing question or maybe they want a place where people will talk to them maturly, or maybe they just wana put the age they think the act so they fit in better, but i dunno

Answer #12

Its just their way to escape from the rules. Well who will go and really check their age? It a question on how the kids or whoever lies about themselves learns to lie. Its not only dumb but also unethical.

Answer #13

Well who will go and really check their age …WE will, as per our Terms of Use, false information is a violation.

Answer #14

I understand that completely, simply wanted to imply that, that is how they will think.

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