Ideas on getting real life friends to sign up together here?

While profile surfing, I noticed something a little unusual: two people, same age, same town, commenting on each other’s profile.

So…I think they’re real life friends, which is awesome. Question is, how do we encourage more real life friends to sign up? Photos can be restricted to “friends only” and you can set a profile to approve friends, so random people don’t bother you…between our features and lower ad impressions per average visit, I would think we’d have an easier time of attracting people. We do gain members regularly, however, I always muse over how can we do it better any ideas?

Answer #1

I just toldd my matess about itt and theyy liked it, and joined up :) x

Answer #2

I agree with “ stephanief987” on the advertisements. make widgets for facebook and myspace, I’ll put them all over my pages. lol

Answer #3


We only remove people who break the rules, OR sign up with false data. So…if she’d followed the rules, she would still be here.

Answer #4

I had a real life friend on here that I seen everyday at school. She liked this place too. But you deleted her.


Answer #5

She’s still here though, so no biggie. I also agree with stephanief987. Seems logical.

Answer #6

My answer is more-less advertising the site more in general

I think we should make a code that can be put on our social networking pages - I put a link on my MySpace page and I have had people message me back saying they signed up because my profile gets viewed hundreds of times a day. I’d love to put a cool widget on my MySpace, Facebook, etc. and I know a lot of users on here would do it. Also… I don’t know if you have it there where you live but here we have a site called kijiji and you can post an ad for free saying “Come join FunAdvice’ type thing, I know TONS of people who go look on kijiji and you don’t need to pay anything to post things there. :) If you want to look into that let me know and I’ll show you.

I think it would be cool to maybe have some sort of monthly contests and if someone wins we could send like a FunAdvice customized tshirt or something like that. I know in the plaza next door to my house you take a photo in and it only costs $15 to get a tshirt done. If this is something you could see happening in the future I’d be willing to set it up.

How would this help? Well if someone wins a contest they are going to obviously tell all their friends because most people get really proud when wining.

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