Do people from England or the UK think that they are better than Americans, or is that something that television shows lie about?

Answer #1

Would you care to give an example of such shows?

Answer #2

No not at all, am english and i personally think america is awesome and i would love to go.. Television lies about alot of stuff which includes english people thinking there better than americans.. from whats on our tv’s americans think that english people drink nothing but tea and talk the queens english.. i do none of them things so television is a liar.. i thinks anyways :) xx

Answer #3

I’m English, live in the UK and I can tell you that I don’t think that.

Answer #4

I dont think anyone thinks that? What shows?

Answer #5

well i cant remember exactly what shows but i do remember seeing in tv englanders act all sophistaceted and refer to americans as “animals” but that was just on tv not everything is true on tv

Answer #6

ummm….i dont think they ever say that….

Answer #7

No, don’t believe everything you see and hear on television if you do, you are a very foolish man.

Answer #8

is that from family guy? it seems like something family guy would do, but no people from the Uk and england dont hate america and are pompous like alot of stereotypes suggest.

Answer #9

According to TV shows, English people have bad teeth, Irish people are always drunk, Scots are cheapskates, Chinese are bad drivers, Americans from the south marry their cousins, and French people wear striped shirts and have strings of onions around their necks………. how much of this do you believe?

Answer #10

if you read my comment that i posted you see that i dont believe none of this

Answer #11

Colin Quinn put it best in his “Long Story Short” special. He said that the greatest weapon available to the English empire was it’s ability to make everyone else feel inadequate.

I think this plays a part concerning Americans. Our ancestors were the common sort who came over as workers to exploit the resources a la The Virginia Company… managed to scrape enough money together to make the boat ride over here on their own…bonded themselves in indentured servitude or came over as prisoners. All chose to stay to escape the feudal system castigation/stagnation they were used to. . We were on a frontier…we left behind cities and civilization and adapted to a harsher way of life. Over time many Americans identified with a more rustic way of life… and saw the old world the same way many provincial folk see large cities. Some people who managed to make something of themselves… looked back to England to the patrician class to model themselves after. The American merchant class mimicked the folk and speech ways of the London gentry. Canadians split from America altogether in order to keep hopes of a return to all things English in the future after the American revolt. All of the east coast accents are non-rhotic because of the effort to imitate London speech patterns.

I think that this feeling has been internalized in America. A posh British accent reminds us that we’re just the common rabble. Although most English people are just as common as we are… we associate them with the snobbery we associated with the aristocracy… unfairly.

Answer #12

This is interesting - thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Answer #13

ehh… just a fast and loose recollection… I am not sure how accurate any of the information is and am not responsible for any failing grades resulting from its referral.

Answer #14

I guess some do but most don’t. You’ll find a handful of people who think that they are better than the rest of the world in almost every place. ;-)

Answer #15

According to the media……stereotypes………dont let the media fool you………america is no different……

Answer #16

we dont think we’re better, we know we’re better, lol na we just know we’re healtier

Answer #17

we dont think we’re better, we know we’re better, lol na we just know we’re healtier

Answer #18


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