How well does the TV show 'Skins' depict England?

First off, I am going to say that it would be helpful if those answering this question were English and watch the TV Show, Skins. Also, when I say English, I am referring to the UK, not America.

Alright, I’m American, and I have never been out of the USA. I have met a few English people, but don’t know any all too well.

I was wondering on how well the British Drama ‘Skins’ depicted England. In the TV show, it seems like spliff is legal there. (Is it?) It seems like nearly every teenager/adult smokes spliff or cigarette’s. There’s a lot of English swear words thrown about, even amongst Effy (who is 15) and her parents/brother. Hooking up seems to be like a common thing amongst young adults.

I want to know if all of the stuff I mentioned is as common as the show makes it out to be, and anything else you want to add in.

ALSO, while I’m here; What on Earth is a tosser? xD

Answer #1

do you guys know any decent films that are similar to the show skins?

by similar I mean, teenages involved with drugs, sex and parties

Answer #2

I think it’s more of an aspiration really than a reality. For example in real life people tend to be a hell of a lot less good looking and a lot less interesting. I guess it’s sort of how when people think once you go to uni all you will do is shag and party and the like, I think that’s probably the case for a very few select popular people (who probably wont do too well on their courses), but British life tends to be a lot more mundane for the majority. I think it sort of reflects society in a way, we’re kind of socially progressive, depraved, the antithesis of the American stereotype of being all proper and cultured. People start drinking heavily and go on nights out when they’re very young here, no one takes religion seriously (to our credit), spliff is illegal but common, the police don’t really bother with it. And I’m spent , someone else can continue :)

Answer #3

I think it does represent England pretty well, me and my mates (friends) are a lot like the guys from skins, and many “british icons” like celebs/musicians are also into drugs & sex at a young age I.e. Lily Allen, Fabiola Gatti, Johnny Borrell, Pete Doherty.

I can see why Americans would be shocked by skins & the british youth in general but you know, we are shocked by American movies like the brady bunch and all those perfect/clean teenage role models from America.

ps. a tosser is a wanker , a cunt, like, it’s an insult, I don’t know the equivalent insult in american, probably jerk, dickhead, as*shole,,, or something like that.

Answer #4

I’m not English (sorry), but I would think that, since the program was originally aired in Britain, it should be significantly close to the actual way British life is like.

Answer #5

a tosser is a w….r,i only watched a couple times as its aimed at the young yes crazy i know,the kids are well to do if i remember +spoilt, there is a huge problem with dope over hear if you pass any high school over hear you get a strong smell of the stuff,if i had my time all over i would have emigrated,i live in North of England,

Answer #6

I’m English and a teenager, late reply but i can answer this question. I’d say the English population of teenagers is split into two groups the people who do nothing and the people who do anything, like literally there’s hardly anyone in between. Its split about 40% do nothing and the rest are open to try new things. Weed is really easy to get hold off and the amount of people that get caught by the police doing are ridiculously low so yeah its practically legal and a lot of people have at least tried it however most don’t do it to the extent they do on skins. Most English teenagers drink and go out every weekend and get drunk, we’ll at least all me and my friends do also most people of the 60% smoke. I don’t think its down to things like peer pressure or trying to be cool its just peoples attitudes have changed.. ‘f*ck it’ seems the be that attitude everyone one has, personally i think that’s the best attitude to have.

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