How are people earning over 900 points a day?

Answer #1

I presume it’s through people giving some of their own points to others.

Answer #2

It’s because we’re cool like that. :D I had 450 yesterday :/

Answer #3

lol you keep tellin yourself that :P

Answer #4

I will :P It’s true. You dont see YOU with that many points ;) XD Kidding :D

Answer #5

Lol thats cuz Im just that awesome to not need points to be cool ;P Im cool naturally!

Answer #6

Lol thats cuz Im just that awesome to not need points to be cool ;P Im cool naturally!

Answer #7

Sure… What ever you say ;)

Answer #8

Are you questioning my awesomeness? :O

Answer #9


Answer #10

sigh you are a sadly not very smart lol jk jk jk jk jk jk

Answer #11

I should say.. WHAT awesomeness? :P JK <3

Answer #12

mehh cries

Answer #13

comfort :D

Answer #14

Lol meanie :P youre not supposed to be all cute after you insult someone

Answer #15

Probably not.. but eh who cares :D

Answer #16

Lol the confused one points at self XP

Answer #17

XD Fine. I take back being mean. XD Less confused and happy now?

Answer #18

Lol muahahaha nice to know I can pretty much control you ;P and yes I am very happy thank you

Answer #19

lol No one controls me. insert bedroom joke here whistle XD

Answer #20

Lmfao pats your head you keep tellin yourself that XD

Answer #21

I will! step 1) reassuring yourself!

Answer #22

Lmao ha! dont make me laugh! XD

Answer #23

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Answer #24

Or they sit on the computer all day and awnser questions like king pumpkin

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