Why do some people stay on the site all day everyday?

Okay not to be rude or mean I no its a great killer site but why do some people stay on all day I’ve noticed so of the same people on everyday & im barly on but when I do come on sometimes I just stay for like 15 minutes and logout why do others feel the internet is there life its not healthy to be on the internet that long I saw show called truelife and there was these people addicted to the internet they had second lifes online the internet is not real a lot of people are fake I think some people use it so much like all daybecause there bored with real life // oh & im not only talking about funadvice the internet in general so what are your thoughts?

Answer #1

UM because not every one logs off!!! I personly forget to log off almost every time im on. duh.

Answer #2

Some people do have access to the internet at their workplace, so maybe when you see them online during the day, it could be during their lunch break or something.

This site is pretty addictive when you first sign up. I know I used to be a bit crazy, logging on before I head off to work, during my lunch breaks and even sometimes log in to see what was happening during my work hours (with my supervisor, the dragon lady giving me evil looks across the room) and when I got home later I would be on this site again. Obviously I don’t log in as much now as the addiction has stopped.

Well, if 15 minutes is all you need then good for you, but not every member has your discipline, thank goodness. Everyone is different and if we decide to log in more than your 15 minutes, it doesn’t make us freaks or lacking in offline social interactions because we are online. :)

Answer #3

Lets not forget to mention how advanced modern technology is. People aren’t on a computer every time they’re on the Internet. Phones incorporate Internet as well. While yes being around a computer 24/7 isn’t productive and probably not healthy, Internet has other ways to get around the ‘’not so healthy’’ banner.

Also, Internet isn’t always used for communication. Phones also do that and I’m sure a lot of people aren’t exactly real on the phone either. Internet also provides a form of entertainment through games. The people that literally glue themselves around a computer either have a dire need for it, like work. Or are simply addicted to it, nether of which harm others. I don’t see the problem.

Answer #4

its peoples choices. I mean some people have on the internet. some people have long distance relationships and they just wanna talk to theyre partner all day some people feel like life is better on the internet.

I think this is a great question. but theres are tons and tons of answers to it. I mean it may be bad in certain criterias like online poker, porn and blah blah blah but other than that if people are using it just becuase theyre bored or it makes theyre life happier let em use it all day. its not hurting you. I mean unless they dont talk to theyre family and ignore everyone them they got a problem and should take ATLEAST 30mins to an HouR with friends and family a day so that way they wont be soo detached from them you know. but I don’t know. whatever makes the person happy. in my opinion.

but many others view it different ways. and probably B…I…t…c…h..s will say theyre dumb and have no life. but really those people who say mean and harsh things are really the dumb ones that have no life. (:

Answer #5

I enjoy this site, I like being give advice because I’m on Spring break I can’t see my friends and I am not asking my parents for advice!!!

Answer #6

Because if you are intelligent, talented and do not have anybody and even perhaps are badly affected and grieving, it gives you something to keep on for, a feeling you can still reach out and do something useful

Answer #7

I work in an office setting, so I sit a cubicle all day answering phone calls. Needless to say it is very boring and I have very little face-to-face interaction during the day. I need something to pass the time so I read a book or surf the web. Once I leave work though I lead a very active life outside of the internet. Its just a good way to occupy myself at work.

Answer #8

I dont logout either cus I cant be arsed to be logging in all teh time…

  • I watch telly on the com so no point having my living room telly on too :p

and I have a very active life…

its just theres so much on the internet.. I mean do you know how many new sites were launched today? 1, 2, 3… nar around 1 million.

Answer #9

well for me. im not on as much as I use to. but here is my reasons.

im 23 years old. im disabled and cant work so I dont have anything else to do when im bored. im a computer geek. I love watching YoUtUbE. and when im not online im usually on my PS3. these are just my addictions,who I am I love electronics. and my fiance is the same way pretty much. so we are perfect for each other. lol but not just those reasons but there is a lot more to us but blah blah blah I need to shut up now because YoUtUbE is calling me. =]

Answer #10

I never log off this site, I just leave it logged on on my computer and come on when I go online. Then again… I am here everyday. Like 4 times a day… for like 30 mins each time… Maybe I should go for a walk…

Answer #11

for some people the internet is a great excape to get away,weather its listening to music,asking questions, getting answers, watching movies etc.

Answer #12

Some of us…Forget to log off…

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