How many people think that the drinking age in America should be reduced?

how many years?

Answer #1

I think it’s fine where it’s at. It doesn’t really matter though cause kids are gonna drink anyways.

Answer #2

I agree with TwiddleMuffin (Cute SN LoL) Once you get to 21 it’s not a big deal anymore. Time goes by faster once you get older

Answer #3

Nah, underage drinking is gonna happen anyway

Answer #4

I think it would make sense to be reduced. Eighteen or nineteen seems to be appropriate. Being legally considered an adult and being able to do everything else, but not buy a beer, seems ridiculous to me.

Answer #5

so your fine with the idea that you can go off fight a war and die defending your country be for you can legally have a beer. the only thing turning 18 does is makes you eligible to go to prison and war wow that’s fair.

Answer #6

That does sound dumb

Answer #7

I don’t agree with the military. But that is a choice (For now) Kids are responsible enough to drink when young they do stupid sh*t

Answer #8

I think it should stay at 21 cause for those that don’t underage drink, they won’t blow all their money when they turn 18 on alcohol. They can atleast have their life started for a couple of years then go out & drink when they know what path they are in.

Answer #9

Before I was 21 I’d drink to get DRUNK not buzzed as F*cked up as possible. After 21, i drink much less, only been to a bar 3 times

Answer #10

Well if they don’t have the common sense not to blow all their money on alcohol at eighteen, I don’t think they’ll be doing so hot at twenty-one either. You don’t teach responsibility by placing restrictions.

Answer #11

To each their own opinion.~

Answer #12

i think it should be raised to 45 or if not it should but be taken away because its the reason innocent ppl dies, relationships fail, parents get into fights and kids dont have a healthy life and the list goes on and on.

Answer #13

i think it should be 18, only beause youre a legal adult, can purchase things, and are able to vote, i dont quite see why you have to be 21. but i dont make the laws, even though alot of them are pointless and i would like to bomb them haha

Answer #14

oh you mean drunks not alcohol alcohol has nothing to do with it don’t label it as anything but i fluid people consume. i could blame water for all those same things you listed i could blame money, lack of brains, sugar, planes, oil, they all result in the same things you listed oh and don’t forget shoes, shoes can cause all the things you listed too. ahhh but why do i get worked up your 15 you don’t even understand that in 6 weeks you have an entire new view on half the things you think you know now.

Answer #15

If anything, I think it should be increased. Definitely not reduced.

Answer #16

I’d say so. 18 is a logical age since it is the age we become responsible for our own actions.

Answer #17

The vast majority of adults enjoy alcohol responsibly. You are wanting to take away something that is a positive for most people so a few people won’t abuse it. If we limited automobiles to 100 horsepower there would be fewer accidents and fatalities. Where do we draw the line? I’d also point out that prohibition didn’t turn out so well. People still abused alcohol but it was pushed it underground and lead to the rise of organized crime.

Answer #18

I think it should be 18, or when you graduate High School, whichever is later.

Answer #19

Not from America but I would think 18 years old should be the legal drinking age. At 18, people are now adults, you can book accommodation, have a credit card, drive a car when you are 18 so why make 21 the legal age? I think American concept is a bit backwards when it comes to legalising things at the best of time. In Australia, we are legally adults when we turn 18. At the ripper old age of 18, we can enter a pub, order drinks, visit nightclubs, tour strip joints, drive a car and even get married, buy a house, move away from home or fly to another country and live (without parental consent).

Answer #20

I’d say leave the age as it stands…21. Some states did try loweing the age to 18 during the Vietnam and draft era. Based on exactly that argument that if you were old enough to be drafted and die for you country… you were old enough to drink. As a result, living on the border between two states one being 18 to drink and the other 21…it wasn’t long after a stretch of road was appropriately nicknamed, “Blood Alley”. Every weekend their were bad and deadly accidents on that road. The police in that town set up check points to offset the number of drunk drivers, but the 18 year olds found other roads some secluded alternate roads and the same thing was happending on those roads. One car found in a corn field overturned and bodies where they died of their injuries and laid there. Although townspeople knew to stay away from Blood alley and used alternate roads when traveling on weekend nights the number of growing innocent people (families) were being killed and seriously injured as well by 18 year olds heading home drunk on those alternate roads. Funeral homes and hospitals had a huge spike in business as did the holding area county jail till the 18 yr old drivers who survived could be senteced for namslaughter to sit where they were left to just replay their thoughts and emotions on the lives of their best friends they killed, and innocent people and children. Many had to be put on “doing away with themselves” watch. Finally, that state recanted it’s law and put it back to 21. The accident rate dropped dramatically as did the number of “across the border bars” also began closing down due to the drop of business. So it’s been tried and reports and statistics do exist.

Answer #21

see i read all that and think it’s not all bad. a few business had a boost generating a high flow of money in those area’s. and at the same time weeded out several of the unpleasant people from the earth there for assisting in population control. i don’t think a 2 year trail of any new law give real results and yeah when one state says yes you can drink here while others don’t it is going to have more problems driving 50 miles drunk is a lot more dangerous than 2 block to the bar on the corner.

Answer #22

Tell THAT to the innocent victims families that LO happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’d say the popular response would be it was a 2 yr experiment too long. Not worth the tragic consequences that came with it.

Answer #23

i agree

Answer #24

wrong place wrong time wouldn’t that mean they were no where near anything ever. i think you meant to say the right place at the right time. there are always going to be to many stupid people on this planet as long as people refuse to allow some people to die.

Answer #25

Wonder if the same thing were to ever happen to you ….if your child would share those same views about you Someone coming straight home to his family after work, gets hit and killed by a drunk driver…..but it’s all about your idea of downsizing the population. No wonder your for dropping the legal drinking age….the more graves and loss the better it is for you…gotcha John C one.

Answer #26

well the likely hood i get hit at 6pm by a drunk driver is very unlikely. and the chance i would die int the vehicle i drive is pretty much not happening. and if it did i personally would care. i wouldn’t car if my own kids got hit by a bus. after all it’s god’s will right to judge god is to be a sinner.

Answer #27

God has nothing to do with man’s choices or the responsiblity to their actions…otherwise their wouldn’t be narcissistic delusionals on the earth and I’d not be posting to a non existing thread made by a non existing person. Speaking of which, the choice to elect to continue to rent any more space in my head to your topics and views isn’t without my own realization that… to continue to do so would make me a slum lord in my own head… ignoring toxic mold. I keep a clean house both externally and internally…time to eradicate and take out the garbage. Bye

Answer #28

by religious people and god followers. god is the result of everything he created his divine plan millions of years go and we are just fallowing it blindly. god made me. god had you meet me. god made monks monks made beer. gad made beer possible god made people enjoy drinking beer. and some times those people are steered in to others by gods hand and causing death.

Answer #29

I thought you didnt belive im God? And ur missing one peice to that story. God gave us FREE WILL. Thats what causes people to sin. to make beer. To k!ll. You got life twisted up John.

Answer #30

i have never said i don’t believe in god. and your free will doesn’t mean much when he laid out his divine plan. you really think that the all knowing all powerful all seeing god. hadn’t planned it all out he knows what each person is going to do with there life a thousand years before he makes them. it’s in his divine plan for all things to happen.

Answer #31

I think it should be raised because right now most people who are 21 and drink are not mature enough to know when to stop drinking and not to drive if drunk.

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