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My dog has been up the Vets for 4Days. and its not good or bad, its still basically the same, - no eating - no drinking (when eat sicks it up) runny poo/blood Lack on enegery.. they think its parvo. and put him on antibiotics and a Drip.. But.. There was a puppy who is like him who came in the day before. with Same MARKINGS Same colour and same ages !! and looked just like him!! Except for he looked more of a boxer, den an english bulldog! and he came in with parvo. and is recorvering Really Well. we Think that That Pup came from the same place As wher I got mine.. so I wanted to ask.. do you think my dog will surive the parvo? I’ve been doing Research. I just hope he picks up within the next fews day :( Its costing me a bong to keep him at the vets - but if this other puppy has picked up than surly mine can too:S

Answer #1

This is the last time I am going to say this, We have on site parvo test, you stick a q-tip in the anus and then mix it with blue conjugate and in 8 min. it tells you if the animal is postive or not, WHY DID THEY NOT RUN THIS TEST

If he is already have bloody stool it will show postive

I am hoping you got it in early stages, and yes he more then likley already came to you with the virus. You are doing the right thing by keeping him at the vets. The longest we had a parvo dog was 7 days and he did great , the shortest was about 5 hrs and the dog died, viruse was already in stages we could not turn around, And it may get worse before it gets better, but keep in mind you are doing the right thing, and yes the other pup could be from the same liter, the virus is very contatgious.

Good luck and Please ask your vet why they did not run a parvo test, do they not have them?

Answer #2

Parvo is a crapshoot…he’s made it 4 days, so that’s a good sign…the fact that he’s at the Vets for supportive care is great…It’s so hard to tell if a pup is going to make it or not…it’s so dependent on the pup’s will to live, health before they got it, and it’s general inner strength…There is no cure…the antibiotics are to keep any other diseases away, so his body can concentrate on fighting off the Parvo virus…

English Bulldogs don’t come cheap…If anything does happen, do you have a contract from the breeder? I’m only asking because it seems you only had this pup a couple days before he got sick…Can you ask if the Vet who owns the other puppy…then call them and find out where they got it…If that other pup is from the same kennel, then the chances are these pups had Parvo before you ever got your baby…

I’m sending positive thoughts your way…that your pup will survive and be strong for the rest of his life…HUGS.


Answer #3

lol! it says Parvo cant be catched within 24hours I only had him like from 4 Thursday till 4 friday is when he had to be rushed to the vets!. they dont even no if he has Actually got parvo.. They wont tell us, because there not sure what I really is!! but they think it is parvo, and they are takking there time to find out ;/ If it is parvo.. Parvo takes up to 7-11days to show - so if it is parvo it is from wer I got it!!! I just hope he makes it I’ve always wanted an englishbulldog and I finaly get one and have it for a Day and its Becomes ill My dad spoke to the women I brought it off! and said. She wont give money back if it dies! because she don’t have it!!!… But she did set us up insureance. witch we dont even no if its any good, and still insureance ent really good enough if he Dies!!! Wot do I get out of it? a pup for a day, and a BIG bill to pay!! if you no wha I mean!

Answer #4

Thanks mamaof209 The people I bought it of my dad phoned them.. And she sed she wont be giving our money back if the dog Has Got Parvo because ther is no way it could of got it form der (and the other pupyps are fine and playing about) … but parvo take up to 7 days to show!!.. she sed she didnt have the money, to pay us back!!. and that she’ll set us up insureance for when we got him , so we can claim on the insureance, but that really isnt the point!!… in my eyes these vets seem useless. why cant they do an exray? ther might be somehting in his guts makin him ill.. It might not even be parvo, as they havent even said its DEFO parvo thay say MIGHT, And it geting really annoyeing!!!.. Hes been in 5 Days Alredy.. no improvement and hes got no Worse!!.. Its like a Wiating game, But I could be Waiting WEEKS to find out what it really is!! and its not like they even invite me in, to come see him!!. I got to see him the other day tho because I got to take my other dog down there for worming.. and it was only for 2mins I got to see him for, and she watched me why I was with him, so I had to like be QUICK because I didnt want to waste herr time

Answer #5

Yeah I really hope he makes it.. Whenever you get a dog from someone, you should make sure they have all of their shots! But I’m glad you are trying to take care of him and I hope it all works out. Let me know!! =)

Answer #6

They said the parvo Test isnt always in the Poo, Like, sometimes it will be in the 2nd poo thay doo so if they do it in the 1st poo it might be in the 2nd poo therefore it might come negative when its postative

Answer #7

I would take your pup to a different vet if they don’t figure things out, this may end up costing you more in the long run and I would consider taking the lady to court if your pup does pass away… If it is parvo here’s some good news my pup survived because we caught it early… I really wish you the best of luck :)

Answer #8

Meh :( I only had him for 24hour and had to rush him to the vets!!! :( he costed me a 1000 just for the Dog ! because hes english bull dog !! now its gna cost me money thats for my future, and if he doesnt recover I duno wot im gona do I really loved him ;l

Answer #9

It’s really hard to tell if he will survive or not, but it seems like you are doing the right thing, keeping him in the hospital. They’re probably gonna keep him on fluids hopefully he will be okay. My dog got parvo about a year ago and it was gonna cost me thousands, which I couldn’t afford, so I was going to have him put to sleep because they said there’s like a 10% chance that he’ll make it without going to the hospital and he got better! I think your dog will make it. Good luck =D

Answer #10

If he has blood in his stool the virus is active, they can do the test.

Answer #11

Ditto to Harley…they’ve had enough “poo” to test every one of them!!!


Answer #12

I am so sorry for you - we are going through the exact same scenerio - exactly. We picked our puppy up on wednesday of last week and by thursday she was sick. My husband and I also fell so deeply in love with her so fast. I go to the hospital every day and hold her and cry. She is so lethargic and seems so sad. Today she seemed to be a bit peppier and actually ate something for the first time in days. We got our dog from a puppy rescue and I know that we will be footing the bill for the thousands that it will cost to fix her. Honestly though, I don’t care how much it costs. We are thinking positive about her recovery. I’ll keep your puppy in my prayers. Good luck.

Answer #13

I wanted to ask if your puppy survived parvo and if you ever managed to held its previous owner responsible?

I have exactly the same story with an 8.5 week pomeranian, except we had puppy for only 24 hours–we picked him up in the afternoon and took home where he was all active and happy. Next day we woke up and he looked like absolutely different dog–he was all weak, thouwing up, having diarrhea. We took him to the emergency care in the evening and he was diagnosed with parvo. He is still at the emergency care and we have no idea whether he will be able to survive. it might sound weird, but during those 24 hours that he was at our home, my husband and I felt in love with him and would be broken hearted if he does not survive the deseas.

The doctor told me that the only way he could’ve got this is with his previous owner. I contacted that lady immediately–she admitted that most likely it happened when she took him to the vet, but said she is not going to help us treat him and she does not have any insurance for the puppy. All she said is that if he dies, he will provide another puppy. But, come on, its not a pair of shoes that you can replace once the heel breaks!

At this point, we are extremely worried about the puppy and we pray and hope he will recover. But we also want to find a way to hold a breeder/previous owner responsible for this, because it happened under her supervision and is 100% her fault, which costs us a lot emotionally and financially.

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