Does my dog have parvo?

I understand that Parvo is a serious virus that will cause lethargy (lazyness), depression, loss of appetite, vomitting, and bloody, foul smelling diarrhea to dogs especially puppies.

Bowser is my 1-year-old male chihuahua and he haven’t been feeling too good and have most of the symptoms above except for the diarrhea. (His waste looks regular so I doubt that it’s parvo) And every dog that is sick would of course throw up, refuse food, and get lazy, right?

He did visited the vet yesterday and they gave me food and antibiotics for him. He currently need to be force feed.

I just want to know that by the description I gave, do you think Bowser is just sick?

Answer #1

Thank you everyone who took the time to answer my question and concerns!!

Special shout out to Phrannie. Thank you for helping me through these past few days with your encouraging words and for checking up on Bowser’s status. :)

Answer #2

Did your vet do a pavo test? I work at a vet office and there is such a test. Pavo is pasted to litter because the mother in not vaccanited. If it is pavo there is treatment and you need to start soon. If the dog does not make it parvo can live in the enviroment for up to 13 months. I do hope you do not loose him but if so do not get another dog for a long time.

Answer #3

sorry about my spelling. I am just a not with it today. Had to take my chihuahua into work yesterday for a c- section.

Answer #4

Well I’ve tried giving him his favorite food and he’d sniff it and turn away. But the good news is, he is starting to drink water on his own. The vet suggest gatorade or some kind of energy drink but Bowser hates it. So I had to force him. :( I hate forcing him but I have to because he have to make it through this!!!

Answer #5

There are many other health problems pertaining to those particular symptoms. Keep taking him to the vet: this could be serious. Make sure to keep a close eye on him. I hope he gets better soon! :)

Answer #6

if your dog is black there is a higher chance it is parvo, I’m not sure why this is but dogs that are black are more susceptible to parvo.

if your vet said it wasn’t parvo though it most likely isn’t. just keep your dog on the antibiotics and wait awhile and if it doesn’t get better take it back to the vet.

Answer #7

Bowser just got surgery. Turned out he got an obstruction from swallowing something he cannot digest. We got him tested for parvo and thank Buddha it was negative. The process was costly but it was all worth it because HE MADE IT!!! The doctor called and said he is showing progress and becoming more lively and healthy again. My family and I (and friends) are all so very happy. We are waiting to pick him up this wednesday, (sept. 24th)

Answer #8

What did he eat?

Answer #9

First symptom of pervo is foul smelling bloody stool and inability to stand on its legs properly, vomition is another indication with complete appetite loss. Timely Fluid therapy with antibiotics will greatly help to come out of the danger and admitting it in a vet clinic as fast as possible.There is no other option.

Answer #10

put youre finger in the dog asshole, taste it if taste like chiken its parvo

Answer #11

Did the vet take his blood? Parvo shows up easily in the blood. The no diarreah means it’s probably NOT parvo…That’s the good news…At this point you have to trust your Vet…lethargic, lack of appetite, depression is simply what a dog who’s gotten into something toxic does…it takes a couple of days to come out of it…if he hasn’t…call the vet back…

There are many things besides eating something bad that shows these very same symptoms…I’d be very worried, too. Tho, I’d think if the Vet thought this pup was ultra-sick, he would have kept him at the clinic.


Answer #12

Parvo kills by causing life threatening dehydration. This is caused by vomiting and bloody fowl smelling fluid stool. That is dark in color. Your dog can not keep anything in it’s body. Your dog will die within hours of the onset of this disease. Onset meaning when the vomiting and diarrhea reach it’s most violent stages. There is the chance of saving the dog with proper care if the vomiting and the diarrhea are stopped and fluids are put back into the dogs body. It is best to feed a holistic diet. If you cook beef liver and grind it in the blender the dog may eat it if it has made a turn around. Meat Baby foods are also very good. Do a search on “Parvo Puppies” and you will find a lot of helpful information.

I would suspect your dog has something else. I believe your Vet would have immediately picked up on Parvo. There are a number of intestinal viruses and worms or parasites your dog can get.

I would still try to fix some food that your dog would be interested in eating. Be careful on the liver and don’t over feed it. Maybe you should try some can dog foods first. Phrannie always suggests hamburger and rice boiled I believe.

If you ever see Parvo you will never forget it.

Answer #13

The vomiting had stopped,and the bloody diarrea has diminished and got of a dark red color,coagulated, does this mean that my Chihuahua is getting better of whatever infection she has? Doctor can not tell yet if it is parvo. She has been two days at the hospital already. I would like to hear your opinion. I love my dog and it is painful to she her suffering.

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