How to hide a lip ring?

I really want to get my lip Pierced and my parents do not want me to get it done but I want it done. So like is there any way to hide it or anything!?

Answer #1

Theres NO WAY to hide a lip ring. Sorry but this just goes under the cata for DING DING DING you got it “DUMB QUESTIONS!!!” You can’t hide it…Its you’re lip for god sakes!

Answer #2

Go away to college, and DON’T get your parents mad at you so that they will help pay. Once you are in college, then is the time to try new things. It’s sort of expected. That’s what my daughter did. With a tat as well as piercings. In high school I discouraged both, but once she was in college, I viewed her as an adult, and the choice was hers.

In other words, while you live with your parents, it’s probably best not to p*ss them off. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

just get it done I wanted mine done badly and I begged my parents mum said she wud throw me out and shes not one 2 joke… she said she wont ever talk to me again I went to get my belly pierced and I got my lip done because I cudnt resist.

she wasnt really bothered and that was a BIG surprise.

just get it done.. see what they say.. if they flip out for ages just take it out. you have to take a chance sometimes

Answer #4

If you have any interest in doing the right thing, you’d listen to your parents - you can get it done when you become an adult - they’re looking after your best interests, love you, and care - many, many, many have the type that don’t CARE.

Answer #5

I have my lip peirced and its impossible to hide. but that could be cause I have a neon stud.

Answer #6

get a clear stud.

Answer #7

I let my 15 yr old son get his lip pierced - we went along and had to prove he was our son, my age, his age, etc. He got very sick that night, and had a high fever within a couple of days. I had such guilt and regret.

There’s a reason they want parental consent. Although I witnessed that everything was 100% sanitary, I had to wonder why he got that ill.

Hep C, HIV, and any blood transmitted disease are not completely out of the question.

There are magnetic studs and other things that can easily resemble a lip ring.

If you’re really adamant about getting one, see if you can get one of them to go along to get more information, or see the conditions of the parlor you’re going to. It’ll either put their mind at ease, or convince them that their decision was justified.

My son is looking to get his other side done (‘snake bite’). I’m worried already, but if I don’t let him do it while I can check out the conditions, he may eventually go somewhere that is skanky.

Maybe tell them that you want to do it while you have them looking out for you to ensure you’re selecting the best place for you.

To be honest, I wish they had that when I was a kid. The only choices the punks had were multiple ear piercings, nose rings, or a safety pin through the cheek. I did the first and last on my own, and it wasn’t purrty.

Answer #8

You could get a barbell and uscrew the ball. Get a little stud use cover up and tell them its a pimple. (I don’t know if it will get infected though) I have the same problem as you. They will ground me for four years until I move out and then they will also not give me a car. Chances are you will get caught. When I get caught ill tell my parents. all teens have one really big rebellious act. You should just be glad I didnt go and have sex. so yea… but just google it a lot I have been to like hundreds of sites and about 1/10 people get away with it but for no more than a few months. what im planning on doing is cutting the side of my face with a razor or something. tell them put a bandaid over it. that way incase the piercing gets infected ill tell them it was just the cut and that I cut a hole in my lip… im all outa advise though. good luck.

Answer #9

My lip is pierced…I’m not supposed to wear it to work…so I got a clear spacer…I just leave off the o-ring and pull it in while my managers are near..but you can still see the hole. Plus, you’re not supposed to even remove it or anything for like 2 will get all sore and infected and stuff…they require a lot of care ..I wanted mine done for 6 years and had to wait until I moved out of my parents house. You could get it done, but prepare for the consequences because you can’t hide it…you can try the whole ‘get something small and put make up or something on it’ but that’s just asking for infection.

Answer #10

From a Christian point of view any tat or piercings is like graphiety on a pure white church. The body is the temple of the Holy Creator. He lives inside us all. We are to keep our bodies clean, pure, and makings of any kind free.

I hope you will obey your parents in this case. Parents are older and been thru a whole lot more than we. They have much more information than we do, anyway, the Bible (Ten Commandments) say for us to honor our Mother and Father.

God bless you in your decision.

Answer #11

ashleyyy14, Are you serious? You think you can get your lip pierced and now have your parents notice? Its your LIP! Obviously they are going to see it. Simply, don’t get it done. I suggest you don’t get it done till you are adult enough to make the right choice. Until then, listen to your parents. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #12

You can’t hide it, really. The best you can do is get a clear retainer, but those are still noticable.

I have my lip pierced and I have to work this summer at a place that allows you to have the piercing, but not visible. I could, in theory, get a clear ring and work with it. but I’ll probably just stay with the retainer.

There are parents out there who allow you to do what you want when you turn 18 (like mine.) but there are those who view that if they are paying for college, they make the decisions. For the time that you’re under their law, you could get low-key tattoos that are always hidden (shoulders, chest, back, etc.)

I’m not encouraging that you go against their views, just talk to them about it and see if you can come to an agreement. Those usually let you slide. A lot of my friends have their piercings/tattoos that way.

Answer #13

Same with me, but I want to get my nose pierced. But it is really hard to hide a lip ring considering the swelling and the hole and everything. unless you put makeup over it, even though I dont know if that would help. but if you got it done try to go to a more professional person to do it. they would probably make it less likely to be noticed.

hope this helpedd. goodluck. <3

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