How to hide a lip ring from my parents

Hey, I want my lip pierced. But my parents said if I get one they will ground me for the next 4 years until I move out. I have researched how to hide it. I was just wondering like if I get a stud. when it heals I can put a retainer in around them. But If I get a stud can I take the stud out and put a lip ring in around my friends. Or will the stud hole and lip ring hole differ???

Answer #1

Get a stud or a lip ring retainer and it doesn’t rely matter which one, when you get the lip pierced turn the stud around so the flat part is out and the ball is in! then take like make-up or a band-aid(cut a little bit off) or both and put it on. try not to look at your parents as often, Less eye contact and in that time clean the house do your homework and pray that your parents wont kill you by the time it heals!

Answer #2

you should not have got it pierced in the first place-silly girl. let the hole heal and wait until you are older to wear peircings.

Answer #3

get something called a lip ring retainer (just look it up on google)

they’re see-through jewelry :)

Answer #4

no then your friends wont know you even have oone! lol haha well you should just get a tounge ring.

Answer #5

get one that kinda blends in with your skin tone!

Answer #6

Well I got my lip peirced with out my parents knowing and my friend did it and what I do is I wear the ring or stud at school and around my friends and when I’m no my way home or I’m about to see my parents I take it out and poke the stud through occationally when I’m at home so it stays open hope this works for you it’s working for me

Answer #7

wow im the same. but im 15 so I dont know how old you are. im waiting till I’m 16, its better to wait. because your parents will notice sometimes even if you do have a retainer in, and its better to go out and have fun then get the peircing in 4 years time, than to get the peircing, not be allowed to wear a ring and yet be grounded for the next 4 years. so…

Answer #8

Get a lip ring retainer.

Answer #9

If you got your lip pierced by a professional they would have told you that you shouldn’t put in a retainer until at least four months after you got it! If you got it done by a friend or at someones house, then wow… I hope it doesn’t get infected. It can dissolve in to your lip, or get reallly infected. Some girls take off the ball and just keep the bar in. I do that when I go to work. Just make sure you keep it clean and sanitary so it doesn’t get infected.

Answer #10

either way even the clear ones are still noticable. your parents are going to find out sooner or later. also you just got it peirced. so its very unwise to change it. you really need to wait at least 3 months for it to heal before changing the peircing. so before you went out and just got a peircing you should have rreaserched how to take care of it and possible things that can go wrong. if your taking it in or out now theres a very high rist of infection.

Answer #11

if you knew that your parents wouldnt approve why did you pierce your lip anyways … it will b very difficult for you to try to hide that simply because the piercing is on your face!!! … but yeah like they said above maybe you cud try to get a skin coloured lip-ring or sumting or … let it heal back up and wait till your older to do it again so you wont have this drama with your parents.

Answer #12

I would say your parents are gonig to find out.. so talk it over with them and tell them you will pay for it yourself and take care of it yourself. tell them its your body.. you should be able to do what you want to your own body but anyways.. its hard to hide a lip peircing seriously.. but I say go for it.. its your body..

Answer #13

well I have the same problem but I had it pieced for a while then I only pierce half of it so it would close that easily. or buy the nose stud its really small and it isnt noticible it really works(; good luckk

Answer #14

Since it was so long ago, this is directed at anyone who finds this comment with the same question.

You can’t. Basically, your parents will notice sooner or later and you will not be able to hide it forever. If you take it out, even if it’s several years old there’s a risk of it closing up within hours. Even a quartz retainer is not invisible. (And don’t wear acrylic ones. They’re cheap and will irritate the piercing; bear in mind that a piercing is an open wound and requires a great deal of care, don’t stick anything foolish through it.)

Think about why you’re getting it done. Is it because you really want a body modification as a statement, or because your friends want it done? Or even just because your parents don’t want you to?

Don’t think your parents are just being unnecessarily strict and doing it just to be annoying. They care about you, and even though they might well be wrong now and then– they’re only human, after all– they just want you to be normal and healthy. People with piercings are often discriminated against or thought badly of, and even if you’re sure you can cope with that, your parents are worried for you. Respect that.

Facial piercings have real consequences. If you don’t think you’re mature enough to deal with nasty comments, discrimination and hatred from other people and being judged on your appearance alone, maybe you should wait a few years. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone who reads this comment or convince anyone not to have it done, just give a warning from experience how people will treat this.

If you really want to get this done, try sitting down with your parents and discussing it calmly. Don’t shout or be hysterical. Think about your argument beforehand, be mature, and try to convince them that you can cope with the consequences and you will be able to look after the piercing. If they immediately “no” you, don’t rise to the bait and get into a fight with them, just ask them politely to hear you out before they make a decision. Even if they still don’t want you to have it, you might be able to come to a compromise– like, you can have one done in a few years’ time, or you can have one if you work hard at your education and keep a good job first to show them that you can be an adult and make your own decisions.

If you decide to go ahead, with or without their permission, remember a few things. Firstly, it’s illegal in most places to have a lip piercing under the age of 16, and you need your parents’ consent in person (complete with proof of ID) until you’re 18. This means that if you’re under 18, you won’t be able to sneak a piercing behind their backs in any reputable place.

Secondly, do not get it done in a shady place that doesn’t ask for proof of age or parents’ consent. There is a lot that can go wrong with a lip piercing and you absolutely do not want anyone who is less than a professional to be sticking a needle through your lip. The risks range from permanent nerve damage, to tooth or gum erosion and decay, to loose teeth, even to HIV or Hepatitis when done by somebody who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing.

Ask for proof that they are legally qualified to do the piercing. Check out the hygiene in the place, if the shop looks dirty turn around and walk out immediately. The same if they don’t sterilise the needle or wear gloves: don’t be afraid to ask for your money back and leave if they don’t do those before you have the piercing done. You should also ask if they have had any recent health inspections; you can make it clear that you don’t mean to offend, but you consider it important to be sure. Don’t be too embarrassed to question them about it first.

Finally, be sensible about it. You might think it’s cool to get a piercing to be all like “Screw you, mom and dad! I can do what I want!”, but if you do not understand the real risks, it’s a bad idea. Lip piercings are permanent features on your face; even if they’re taken out and heal, they will leave scars. There are health risks involved that you need to be mindful of. Ask yourself if you want it for life before having it done, and if you don’t think you could cope if it suddenly went out of style, or you tried to find a job and were turned down because of your appearance, it might not be for you.

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