What is your opinion on people who get rid of their family pets to move, because they have children, etc?

I’ve been seeing alot of people post on craiglist about how irresponsible and heartless people are for getting rid of their pets because they have to move or are having children now. Do you think its irresponsible and heartless….or do you feel that your family and children have to come before the family pet?

Answer #1

I think as long as they give them to someone and don’t just drop them off that shud b ok, dropping animals off gets under my skin, most people get animals to have the kid they cudnt have and for them to have to get rid of thr pet, well it can’t b easy for them

Answer #2

I understand if your circumstances change and the new enviornment wouldnt be good for the pet then i dont see any wrong in it. Its better to be loved by someone who can give it the time and energy then being with you and you not being able to give it that.

We had to give our stafforshire bull terrior away when my nephew was born as he mum was worried about the risk. he was a lovely dog but we couldnt take that risk. I dont see whats wrong with that?

Answer #3

It’s Not Right.. Children Our Part Of Our DNA.. But Pets Bring A Great Sense Of Peace And Joy To Our Lives Too I Guess In This Economy People Chose Between Pets And Kids

Answer #4

When my daughter was born our dog got very jealous of her so he had to go. We took him to a no kill shelter and was informed a few days later that he was adopted by a very nice family. I felt bad but I had no choice.

Answer #5

I think people need to put more thought into all the “what ifs?” before getting a pet. I live near an army base, and I constantly see ads saying that they’re being forced to move and can’t bring their pets with them. What’s sad is that a lot of these animals are young, which means that they got these pets knowing that moving was a possibility. That bothers me. I also don’t agree with people getting rid of pets because of children… Train the dog and see how it reacts to the kid before giving the dog away; give the dog a chance, or two. You wouldn’t give an unruly child away because you were pregnant with a new one. That being said, things do happen… I know that if I were forced to move out of my house right now, there would be no way that I could afford a new home and the cost of pets. But, my chances of getting kicked out are extremely slim, and even if I did, I know that my family would help me. So, I understand in some situations. :) But most people don’t seem to put any more thought into getting a new pet besides “aww, how fluffy and cute, I’m getting it.”

Answer #6

We had to find a new home for our first dog as he got very jealous of our son when he was born and he actually bit him. We found him a nice home with no children. I think a person who doesn’t find a new home for their pet when they are a danger to their child is irresponsible.

As for moving, I would never do it. I’d rather live in a tent with my dogs than in a mansion without them.

I understand that situations change over time. When people originally get a pet, they have the time, space, money etc., but life happens and we lose jobs, get health problems etc etc. I think finding a new home for your pet is the responsible thing to do if you can no longer care for them properly.

Answer #7

I think a pet is part of the family . so i would never ever give my pet away.

Answer #8

For myself, I’d hang on to my dog(s)….and have moved from one place simply to keep my dog….I wouldn’t keep a dog who was danger to my child. However…I sure wouldn’t label that dog aggressive or vicious…to others. I’d just let them know that this dog isn’t good with tiny children. There’s lots of dogs who get very nervous around toddlers…their fast, loud, and they fall. Just the nature of dogs make them see another crawling creature as a playmate, or another puppy who needs to be updated on the pack order.

I think a person has to be honest with themselves and their motives…if it’s too much work keeping a dog and children, then be honest about it, and never get another dog till the kids leave home.

There are millions and millions who do manage children and dogs together. I’m grateful my parents didn’t see a set of twins, a GSD and a Beagle as “too much”…

Answer #9

If there is a problem with the animal and the children then the animal has to go. Having said that, you need to ensure the animal is going to a safe, happy environment. I wouldnt get rid of a pet if I was moving, because I will only get a pet when I am confident I am staying where I am permanently. If moving is unavoidable I would do what I could to keep my pets with me.

Answer #10

I dont think the pet needs to go. My dog was very jealous of our daughter when we brought her home but we never once thought about giving him up. We trained him more, and put in extra effort(no matter how tired we were) and showed him he was still loved and part of the family, and now they are the best of friends my daughter and the dog. I think its sad that people would so quickly give up a pet rather than show them they’re still loved by their owners, and take the time to show them that.

Answer #11

It’s interesting, the lady who was fostering my cat was extremely reluctant to give me my cat because she said that two college students had moved and returned cats to her. I, however, know that wherever I move she’s coming with me. That is not negotiable. I think it is irresponsible to adopt a pet not knowing where you’re going to be in a few years. And if you can’t make your pet a bigger priority, then you dont deserve to have one. As for the kid situation, I dont know. You’d think most people would be aware whether or not they wanted to have a family at some point and keep that in mind before getting a pet. But I guess it can’t always be planned.

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