How much different is your online personality than your real life personality?

I don’t know if this happens to many people, but I like my online personality better than my real life personality. In real life I am shy and have a problem expressing my thoughts and sometimes stop myself from talking for fear of sounding like an idiot. But online, and specially with strangers I am free of all anxiety and is so liberating.

Answer #1

Mine is just the same, I don’t know why people fake the funk when online, doesn’t make since to me

Answer #2

Mine is the same. But some people are more daring.

Answer #3

Me too!

Answer #4

You sound exactly like me. In real life I am the quietest kid in the school most likely. I never talk nor speak in fear that I will say something that makes me sound like the biggest idiot in the world. But online, I am not afraid to say anything, talk to anyone, or anything really.

Answer #5

In real life I’d say I’m more cynical, a loner and I never talk to anyone.. not that I fake who I am online, but it’s just easier to be myself, which I guess is more friendly and outgoing.

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Answer #7

I’m exactly like my online self. I do rant a bit much online though, but I go online to vent my anger out on blogs or here. It makes me more happier.

Answer #8

Fake the funk? What do you mean? I am not saying that is fake for me. Is more like, this is the real me, but in real life I impose all this restriction on myself out of fear. So actually in real life I am more fake and restrain what I may really feel like saying because online I don’t care what people would think. But in real life I care too much and in a bad way. I know I should not really care what people think of me but is on automatic pilot in real life.

Answer #9

In real life i am basically the same, only to a select few though. Most of the time i am more quiet and reserved but that is only because i dislike people who go to my school and i dont want to waste any of my time dealing with them. Online im very open and outgoing and not afraid to express my ideas, and in real life im just as outgoing and brutally honest.

Answer #10

Do you wish you could be as daring and calm in real life? I like who I am online more than who I am in real life, and that is kind of pathetic.

Answer #11

Like acting like ur someone ur not, like if u were to tell me ur a very enthusiastic, outgoing, and out spoken, then I get in ur face and ur very layed back with zilch to say

Answer #12

I’m more outgoing online than i am in person, I’m terribly shy and everything but on the internet i feel i can say anything because i don’t know the people on here and i don’t see them on a day to day basis (i don’t mean like i say anything mean to people by that)

Answer #13

Well for me, I won’t be doing something like that on purpose as it is more of a personality disorder issue of social anxiety. I have received treatment and medications but it can only get me so far. I don’t know if you understood my question..hmmm..Maybe what I am trying to say is that people will like me more online, and then when they meet me on person, they say I am shy and reserved and is a let down.

Answer #14

Oh yeah, I wish that a lot. I hate being so overly shy in school, but so friendly and outgoing on the internet. I wish I could switch them sometimes.

Answer #15

That is how I am. I only talk the way that I talk online and feel totally calm and will not fear retribution to only my immediate family members. When I am online with strangers I am me and I am not afraid. But in real life with strangers or people that don’t live in my house, I have this wall around me to protect me.

Answer #16

Yes I think that cud be true in some cases for the reasons u said, its easier to say wat u feel with people u don’t know, and that ok, as long as ur not lieing about the way u feel

Answer #17

Woah interesting question… I’ve got to say, I’m a lot nicer online. You have all the time in the world to think and contemplate what to say. I act totally different in real life. I’m a tad more argumentative in a real situation and say what I think. I hate arguing online. It seems like such a waste and I tend to my tongue a bit more. I also find it really hard expressing myself online to people who I don’t know. The way I talk on here is definitely different from the way I talk to my friends in real life, haha..

Answer #18

But is a shield my subconcious puts out so I won’t get harm. Online I don’t feel threatened unless I have to face those persons in real life.

Answer #19

yeahh! i know exactly how you feel, sometimes i hate acting like that though, but i can’t help it ya know? lol

Answer #20

Well on this site anyway I think i am more logical and to-the-point than i am offline. I am normally a bit silly and vague and crazy.

Answer #21

I don’t like to talk to people that much in real life. Thats why I like funadvice so much :) I say what I mean but don’t have to nerve to say in person though.

Answer #22

I tend to be a bit more polite and try to consider people’s feeling more online, as it is so easy to be misunderstood and hurt people’s feeling. When I am just hanging out with friends in person, I know they understand me and I am not going to easily offend them or hurt their feelings.

Answer #23

im alot flirtier online, haha, thats it :S

Answer #24

I’m pretty much the same, seems people take me a bit better in real life though sometimes, or they’re just more used to me.

Answer #25

Not as nice maybe. Online I have time to consider things and then write them real life I’m not so good in being quick on my feet..but generally its the same, I’m not about being two-faced because that’s never fun.

Answer #26

I am pretty much the same. I am more social in person because I love to meet new people. I don’t meet as many people online that end up staying long term friends because we cant really hang out and such.

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Answer #28

‘fake the funk’ I LOVE THAT.

Answer #29

I’m the same, though I find it easier to stand up to people online, I guess everyone does haha. I find it very interesting when meeting somebody that you have only ever met online. It’s easy to be witty and breezy online, but in real life you get more awkward situations! Haha

Answer #30

Well im alot more brave on the computer. Im not shy. like i can talk to guys i like no problem. But i think the way i talk is the same because im really hyper both online, and in reality. :)

Answer #31

My online and real life personalities are the same thing. In fact, my online personality is my real life personality sitting in front of the computer. The one difference in my outlook towards things is that I’m much more cautious. Not in what I do or what I say, just in what I believe. Especially when I’m talking to people. In person body language and facial expression sometimes says more than words and sentences do. Online, it’s difficult to determine what peoples intentions are, or even who they are. Anonymity hides great evils.

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