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I'm going to Jamaica in one month & I was wondering how the night life in Ochos Rios is?? Anyone been there? I love to dance so I'm hoping there will be some clubs/bars ( other than the margarittaville there ) to go to if the resort turns out to be lame!

Thanks! :)

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Yes you will like Jamaica an theres alotta dancing an drinking an a lot of wonderful sights to,I was there on Liberty call when I was in the Marine Corps an its Fantastic but please dont dont travel or go NOPLACE Alone always have another female or guy with you an Dont get seperated for they do have problems with trying to lure young women mostly american women into dark places an some have never been seen or heard from again,but dont let this dampen your fun down there,Ull have a great time down there an I do mean AWSOME time to!!! My Ship that I was deployed on twice made port there an we had a great time there.Have a Great Time there Ull Love it.

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