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Hi, I am doing some research on the spending money I will require for around the world trip. I understand that obviously everyones spending habits are different and this can be a difficult question to answer however any assistance would really be appreciated. I am travelling to europe first arriving in athens in the first week of october. From there we intend to travel to italy and basically all around europe for the next 3 months. I am doing this part of the trip with my girlfriend mainly staying in hostels (private), occasional nights out however mainly focusing on the experiencing the culture then partying too much. I will purchase a eurail before I leave so travel should not be a huge expense once I am over there! I intend to have christmas and new years in london then fly to new york and travel the east coast of america going inland to mephis also. I will be there for around 5 weeks. I will be doing this part by myself so will be having reasonably quiet nights. From there I am meeting some friends and we are doing rio carnival for 9 nights, accommodation will be paid for however I assume spending money will be a lot higher??? After carnival in brazil some friends and I will travel south america including argentina, chile, bolivia, peru, mexico for around 4 months (including cancun).

From either mexico city or cancun we will then fly to la and travel the west coast of the states for around 2 and 1/2-3 months.

The entire trip will be budget travel ie eating from street stalls and supermarket shopping. Plenty of partying in south america. Any advice people may be able to give me on this would be appreciated as it is a huge trip and I am just trying to finalise spending money!!

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I’ve actually been to a few different countrys and you wanna bring as much spendin money as you can cause if your any thing like me your tends to buy thing for other people and I just love to shop your gonna see so much stuff that you wanna bring back and its not cheap. I spen more money 1 day in japan than I would normally spen in a few months.

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From Melbourne, Australia to Athens, Greece Leaving on the cheapest travel day of the Week is Wednesday, Oct 7. If you book your travel now, the cost is $2,242, including taxes and fees at If you try, it is $150 more per person. Or, it is $135.50 more per person.

So, I use for my travel arrangements and always save money–lots of it.

So, here we go…these are the prices I found for you at the special discount travel site. Two People with taxes:

Melbourne to Athens—$2242..Oct 7 Athens To London —$73 London to New York —$256 East Coast Trip—Amtrak 1-800-AMTRAK-2 (1-800-268-7252). and it probably ends up in Memphis! Memphis To Brazil—$$487 Rio De Janeiro Ball: Some Expenses to Expect~

“Entry into the Sambodrome to watch the Parade can cost up to US$200 depending on the seating area. Not everyone stays all night and those who leave early often offload their tickets onto the touts outside, who sell them on cheap. If you decide to turn up and try your luck be prepared to haggle big time and beware that this racket is frowned upon by the organisers, so if you get rumbled there’s no guarantee you¹ll get in anyway.

Taking part in the Samba Parade costs around US$ 200. What you’re actually paying for is the costume, which cannot be hired as the schools’ themes change each year. It¹s yours to keep afterwards ‹ if you can fit it into the overhead lockers on the plane home, that is.

A ticket to one of Rio’s more glamourous Carnival balls, such as the Copacabana Palace Ball, costs as much as US$ 200. If this is way out of your budget don¹t despair: many of the clubs in Rio organise a Carnival ball and as they only charge around US$ 20 a ticket, these events are more popular with the backpacking crowd.

Getting around town is cheap. Buses charge a standard one-way fare of 50 cents, and a single ticket on the metro costs under a dollar. These days, all taxis are fitted with a meter but make sure the driver turns it on when you get in.”

South America: A budget of about $50 a day should be enough to pay for hostels, travel on the bus, etc. ..Feb 2010

Mexico City To La If Booked Three-Six Months in Advance $155

Cancun, Mexico to Los Angeles–$128.

I love to eat out in camp-style to save money while traveling. A Tent is not a bad idea, and a bike would save money on gasoline.

Anyways, I hope I helped you and for great savings during your travels and for any special deals, you can check out They out-discount the major ones we know of.

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