What do you think about jamaica?

I'm from Jamaica and I want to know what people who have ever ben htere think about it.

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Omg I love it there. We went on our family vacation there last year and I got sooo tan ha. But it really is beautiful and I can't wait to go again! =]

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I've been there twice. Both times were amazing. It's my favourite place! It's just so amazing, the people there are so nice and relaxed and friendly. The weather is amazing, as are the beaches. And it's just generally a fantastic atmosphere. My favourite place is Treasure Beach near Black River. I'm going there next year, can't wait to see all my friends out there again!

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I've never been there. But it would be quite nice to visit there sometime. Seems like a cool place with great summer weather all the time, and a wicked bobsled team!

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I sooo wanna go there
my real name is JAMAICA!

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itz beautiful I was born there left @ 7

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it always wanted to there it sounds like fun

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I went to jamaica about 3 years ago and I thought it was a beautiful place!

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Jamaica is nice place I would like to visit it one day :)

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Welcome to Jamrock
I luv that jam!!
Jamaica wicked place:)

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