Why can't I keep friends?

I dont know whats wrong with me but its like no matter what I do I cant seem to keep friends, you know how theres those people who have a friend then move away and they still keep in touch? I cant do that. Im homeschooled so I dont see them in school. my “friends” dont talk to me on myspace they dont call me, I cant even make friends over the internet, nobody ever like sends me friend request, and Im being dead serious whats wrong with me?

Answer #1

well maybe they’re not REAL friends!! but I think you’d make a good friend!! believe in yourself! you’re not wrong! but you can also try looking at yourself! maybe there’s something that bothers everyone! so, you CAN CHANGE! I say you CAN!! so try being a better person as much as you can! we all try to be good people! I know that others always put us down, but we have to stand still and fight for our selfs no matter what comes in our face!! this is how life is! it’s a rolocoster ride, and sometimes it gets broken so you need to stop it for a minute to fix it (solve problems) then carry on! people at school always send me papers to be their friends, but I don’t accept them all cause I know how they are, you need to be careful! people out there are getting worse everyday!!! and we have to improve while they’re just sittin’ there trying’ to ruen our future!! WOW! you have A NEW FRIEND!! I’M YOUR FRIEND NOW!!! good luck girly wirly!! … Anna (if you need me, funmail me)

Answer #2

I’ll be your friend. :) :)

Answer #3

you can have me lol!!!

Answer #4

just start taling to people online, you can always keep sending people emails until they reply back! But dont get too bad to where your annoying!

Answer #5

Hey hun yea I can’t really send comments here (don’t know why) but if you have an email mine is phatty2988@tmail.com

Answer #6

probally nuthin its juss that you probally aint finding tha true friends so juss be you and a true friend will stick by

Answer #7

thanks so much.

Answer #8

look in the mirror and talk 2 the person lukin bk at you. there you have a friend 4 like vuala lol

Answer #9

nothing I usted 2 be home schooled and could keep no friends but then I went 2 public school and made lots of new friends

Answer #10

well are u mean spoiled? do you judge? ill be your friend =) my friends kinda suck anyways

Answer #11

I have the same problem; it happened to me twice: my teacher and best friend moved to Arkansas, and my best friend from church moved to Texas. it’s not you; things happen in life that cause people to go somewhere else. family are the best (if they haven’t disowned you; half of mine has). anyway, you are not alone. if you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask. I love helping others.

Answer #12

ill be your friend. =D its always good to have friends but sometimes your closest friends are your family.

Answer #13

God I hate friends.. none of them are true..all of them backstab… look for their own backs or give into peer presure..it sucks…and if one doesn’t have any friend then he/she becomes a loner.. but I think there are serious benefits to being a loner, although it is a tough life, all on your own, without any friends…However I beleive most people dont have any true friends, they just know a lot of people.. however there is not any set of true friends that you know will not back stab you at soem point in their life…there is no such relationship…people always want to talk about themslelves or be heard and what is accepted by a majority is what becomes the norm eventually…and then there are a few that you trust but eventually loose touch off wich is sadder yet..but life moves on…and when it keeps happenin to you time and again, you think life is unfair but then thats the way it’s always been…those who say they cannot live without their friends, follow the route of being with people they feel secure around ,but all those so called friends are noting but backstabers waiting for an opportunity to backstab…u cannot trust neone whole heartedly since life s not that simple…say your friends get into a relationship…or moves on what then..or say if they find something better to look at or be around…they find their true call for life…what happens then do you sit down and say I have no firends or do you stay focused with your life trying to be succesfull despite all the odd and comments..I say to not be around friends is what really makes people themsleves…it a hrad thing to keep too but it pays of in hte end you become strong and realsie ure true self…but it’s not easy

Answer #14

There isn’t a specific way to make friends. It is much like a relationship, it just happens. If you want to get to know each other via email, I am a very open person and I love helping other, or trying to! I have had problems keeping friends, but then I realized real, TRUE loyal friends are so rare! I have about 5 close friends and 1 best friend. It is so hard to find friends that are loyal and that will always love you no matter what. Hang in there hun…everything happens for a reason. Msg me… and we can talk!

Answer #15

Yea I noticed this question and I kinda felt bad for you lol (don’t be offended lol) but if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me my aim is xoyessyluvsuxo its always nice to have friends =]

Answer #16

probably cause yur home-schooled. it’s easier to make friends if yur involved in an activity(such as school) that lasts for at least an hour, like sports. I agree w/ wut some of the others said, try gettin into an activity like a community thing, program, some thing where others teens yur age r. no matter wut, if yur in a place w/ a lot of people, you can always make at least 1 friend

Answer #17

I think is maybe cause you are homeschool and dont have the same things in common to talk about with other people your age.. why areyou home school? is there any activity that you like that you can go where other people your age go to after school.. like if you went to school a after school program so music lessons dancing or something like that..

Answer #18

Its ok ill be your friend because since I got pregnant I don’t have many =[ fun mail me =] well maybe you can’t keep intouch with old friends because you really don’t want to but don’t worry sooner or later you will find one true friend and that person won’t ever leave you

Answer #19

hey im also homeschooled and its hard for me too make friends too but there nothing wrong with with you just have to be out there you know be friendly get a job or something and start making friends there then soon theyll have friends and will become your friends. I did that so im more outgoing now I used to be really shy and stuff since im homeschooled and didnt get out much but you need to be more outgoing and be friendly thats all and if they dont talk to you then thats there problem but yeah your not weird or anything its just them!!

Answer #20

I can b yo friend im also on myspace. and mayb da people you think is yo friends mite b jealous of you envy you or mayb you mite b da type that always speak yo mind (MOST TAKE STUFF VERY PERSONAL… EVEN IF you PLAYN) or mayb you da type that stay in drama or a lot of girls jealous of you want to fight u. and how about you sometimes send yo friends a message on myspace (perhapes askn why dey dont talk 2 you on da phone or on myspace.) or even try calln dem if you have dey number.

~ya girl signin out hope I helped~

Answer #21

well maybe you should let the friends come to you instead of like looking for them I had friends but I pretty much went through what you are going through right now and so I thought well I will let the friends come to me even though I already have friends I was wanting to meet new friends and then like it wasnt long after I quit searching for friends I started receivin friends…this guy called my house (he called the wrong number he is 18 now) but anyways and he asked for some michelle girl and I said no sir there isnt a michelle here even though thats my last name…well anyways I waited and waited and waited and that dude called back like 10 minutes later and his name was cameron and we started bein friends and stuff just over the phone and then we met and then we started going out but then we saw that we just needed to stay friends…instead ruinin a relationship especially since we became like best friends cause if you date your bestfriend you really ruin a friendship cause when yall break up its really hard to still be that bestfriend relation type of people because you remember the memories of when yall went out and it hurts trust me I have been through it 2 times before and noticed that it ruins it every time but girl just sit back and relax and quit stressin and thinkin that you dont have friends cause really you have friends somewhere out there even though it may seem like you dont…you just wait on them to come to you cause you have done your part just let them do theirs you’ve done you part by: meetin them half way…well my name is caresha michelle.m. but we can be friends if you want I am 16 so on and so on check my profile I aint got a pic yet but I will by this weekend I am hopin…t2ul..buhbye

Answer #22

dood…nothing’s wrong with you! did you ever stop to think that maybe you were just hanging around with the wrong friends? Maybe God was trying to keep you away from them. maybe they were like bad influences on you or w/e! its not you…and maybe YOU should try getting to know people, they’re not all going to come running to you, you know! Trust me you’ll make friends. Hey! You just made one!! =]


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