My friend keeps copying people, what should i do?

My friend keeps copying me like one day I came into school with a french manicure, next day she had one. We went shopping and she said she hated a top, but I liked it and brought it so she suddenly decided that she loved it and brought it too. In my pshe classes she always copies me even though the work really isn't hard. before we go into town she always asks me what I'm wearing, I tell her and she wears basically the same thing and when I change my msn font, she changes hers to the same one. She is driving me mad, don't get me wrong I love her, and I don't want to hurt her feelings, but she keeps copying me... what should I do?

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Just Tell Her That She Needs To Stop Cpying Her And Say That Your Flatterd But It Needs To Stop But You Still Want To Be Her friend

ANSWER #2 of 2

she wants to be like you. Just don't feed her information. If she ask what you're wearing, tell her you have not decided yet...

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