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My 4 year old child has been sick for a couple days with coughs and fever. Today she is bleeding from her nose a lot. Anyone knows how to stop it, please advise.

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just like for the bleeding DO NOT PUT HER HEAD BACK
a lot of people get that mixed up just call her doctor

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Rather go to the doctor and make sure that none of the products you are giving her as aspirin in it. Aspirin thins your blood and causes nose bleeds, especially among children.

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If she's having constant nose bleeds along with a cold - go to a doctor RIGHT NOW. That could be something very serious that needs to be checked out.

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How long has it been bleeding? It could be from her nose being too dry/or any cough or cold medicine that you have given her. Put pressure at the top of her nose, where the bone is...squeeze it like you're trying to shut it. If it doesn't stop within about 10 minutes you have to take her to the doctor or emergency room.

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its called going to the doctor ASAP. who knows what she might have...

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