which country would be better to visit and why?

Answer #1

hehe thanks anyways :)

Answer #2

heh srry…errr…well..I think Sweden would be a cool place to visit because its nice? Lol I have no good reasons it just sounds nice :)

Answer #3

SO glad to have helped you! Do read up on it - the Lonely Planet guides are good, so are the Rough Guides. They’ve got lots of good tips.

Think more about what you’d like to do on your visit, and then contact me if you’d like any practical suggestions.

Answer #4

wow thank you :) im defiantly considering visiting Norway now, I’ve read about Norway,Sweden and Finland and they all interested me but I didnt know which one would be best to visit, but now I have a good idea :) thanks ^^

Answer #5

lol thats a lot of help XD

Answer #6

(Blast it, my entire answer disappeared -probably Swedish sabotage. New try:)

NORWAY of course. Not just because it’s my home.

For one thing, it is so incredibly beautiful. Yes, Sweden can be OK,and the deep Finnish forests and lakes are nice - but Norway has it all:

Mountains and rolling mountain plateaus and glaciers, deep green valleys, rivers with clean water (also good for rafting), the endless plains of northern Norway’s Lapland (but you can see reindeer also in the mountains in the southern half of the country), little villages along the south coast with white houses and winding lanes, and of course the famous fjords. All of this connected by excellent public transportation networks (bus, train, plane, ferry).

Also, the population of Norway is about half that of Sweden, which gives things a ‘home-y’ feel: almost everyone is bound to know someone who knows someone you’ve just met.

No, the people aren’t all tall, slim and blond, but a lot of them are - and they speak excellent English.

Yes, all Scandinavia is relatively expensive to visit. But there are youth hostels and budget accommodation, as well as the fact that it is legally permitted to pitch a tent almost anywhere. And ‘don’t’ (the Norwegian Mountain Hiking Association) has a nationwide network of waymarked trails (also in coastal areas) and cabins.

If you’re into cross-country skiing, Easter is the big season. Otherwise June and July are probably the best times. And don’t come in November/December unless you have a special reason - all of Scandinavia is DARK and DAMP then!

Answer #7

Stockholm SWEDEN! not only because im swedish, its because its a beautiful country, the capital of sweden(stockholm) is built on 14 islands so there is water everywhere, its the most beautiful thing to sit by the harbor and watch the sunset lol

finland and Norway are beautiful countries but I would HAVE to say sweden because its just an amazing experience

Answer #8

SWEDEN! :D I dunno y..I just like saying SWEDEN ! :D:D:D

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